Thursday, August 14, 2014


Everything is intertwined.
We're all made of the same goo.
So's earth.
Identifiable chemical compounds.
That common need for organic continuance,
intertwines us.
Ideally, being a common goal, should unite us
to find those things for organic continuance
But no.
We fight, argue, compete, tax, withhold, and BOOM! over them.
Even though
we are intertwined.

The universe and all the bits of it are intertwined.
Orbiting, spinning, gassing, black holing
All made of the same goo,
with a common need for physical continuance.
Ideally, being a common goal, should unite them.
But no.
They crash into each other, absorb each other, and BOOM! over each other
Even though
they are intertwined.

Intertwined is a state of being.
What we do with it is the difference.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I tried sending this letter to Mr. Heath Rada, Moderator of the PCUSA, today. The regular e-mail for him didn't work, so I posted it as a comment on his website.  Just in case, I'll add it here as well,

Dear Mr. Rada,

I used to be a Presbyterian. I was a member of the PCUSA for several years.  My son and I left the PCUSA church because of, among other reasons, the placing of priority on raising millions of dollars for fancy buildings while cutting mission to almost nothing, plus attitudes of social superiority that indicated we were not as important as other members because we had less money and "status" in the local community. 

While I do miss regularly seeing my friends there, who are indeed good folks, my son and I do not miss the hypocrisy of listening to sermons with tears on cue asking for more building campaign money from pastors earning six figure salaries. 

The PCUSA's recent vote to divest money from companies whose products are sold to the Israeli government cements our conviction that our "divestment" of the PCUSA and organized religion in general was correct. (It seems the Methodists will soon be joining the PCUSA in the support of Hamas)

I write to you today because I do know that there are still good people associated with the PCUSA. And I would hope that, as moderator, you have to be concerned about losing more members and, what has to have been stated by more than me, the perceived movement of the church away from resembling anything Jesus taught. Fortunately we've discovered, out here among the heathens, that there are more righteous people who are "unchurched."

Dennis Prager created a simple to understand video of the Israeli-Middle East conflict in terms of history and their position today. The link is:

This explains clearly Israel's current position. They are surrounded by countries that want them dead and Israel gone. No peace. No compromise. These are terrorist organizations that will not negotiate and will not stop under any circumstances other than the extermination of all Jews. Hitler's goal as well in WWII.

Israel has had no choice but to defend itself. This has always been the case. Today is no different than when the PCUSA originally poured the 20 plus million dollars from its money changing table to HP, Motorola and Caterpillar. 

Israel has stated it wants to live peacefully with and is willing to cooperate with and support a Palestinian state. Palestine claims that nothing less than a one state solution is acceptable. And that Israel must be destroyed. How do you suggest they deal with this, while the suicide bombers and rockets keep coming and keep coming?

Hamas has taken to hiding rockets and weapons inside Mosques and schools in Gaza. There is talk in the news this week that Hamas is doing this with the specific intent of increasing the deaths of Palestinians in Gaza as an effort to garner more sympathy in the press from Western and European countries. Still, having to defend itself, the Israeli military have repeatedly warned Gaza residents ahead of time when they will strike.

PCUSA commissioners were offered a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss its concerns and point of view. That they rejected this clearly shows that the PCUSA has no faith in itself as a relevant religious entity and, further, has a closed heart to Israel and its point of view. 

For the PCUSA to withdraw support from Israel by way of divestment (and, please, claims of it not being that much money is disingenuous and a demonstration of moral weakness), is tantamount to supporting Hamas and it's stated intention of jihad and obliteration of Jews and Israel. 

To claim that you still love and support your Jewish brothers and sisters is hogwash. Unless you come forward and finally once and for all admit that the PCUSA no longer subscribes to the tenets of the gospels, and has entered into the political arena by tacitly taking the other side, while practicing a religion of judgmental self interest.

"Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever doesn't gather with me, scatters." Matthew 12:30 is very clear. The PCUSA, in an era of exponential population growth, has lost over 20% of members since 2000, while claiming that it's all right since giving is way up. Yay for money! This indicates that the scattering of sheep bodies is A-OK with the the PCUSA. Apparently Luke 15 no longer applies as well. 

I left a church for whom political correctness was more important than helping people for fear of being "sued." And you claim to follow a savior for whom crucifixion's penalty never once trumped the soul of any one of us. 

I don't think so.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Earlier this year, the Oneida Indian Nation and the National Congress of the American Indian, began a campaign to remove the use of the term "redskins" from the public discourse. Specifically from the culturally pervasive arena of sports.

In June the movement Change the Mascot was begun to persuade the Washington Redskins to change their mascot and logo from the racist and destructive use of the word "Redskins."

This is not a new struggle for native Americans. Over recent years they have been gathering a substantial "war council", if you will, of human rights organizations and political figures. Read the articles on the website. They've been working hard to help enlighten we conquering hordes.

I have become more aware of the plight of native Americans after the creation of "Proud To Be", a commercial produced and paid for by the Yocha Dehe Nation that was aired in seven major markets during the NBA Championship game this summer.

I am honored to know Marshall McKay, the Executive Chairman of the Yocha Dehe. When I congratulated him on this commercial, I was surprised to learn that I had no idea what the term "Redskins" really signified. I've since googled the many interpretations of the history of the word and it's usage. After hearing Marshall's explanation and reading the various google versions of the word and it's etiology, I am persuaded that there is really just one definition of this horrific term and that is:

The bloodied scalp or mutilated corpse of a native American brought in by bounty hunters to a government office for money.

And a multi-million dollar earning sports franchise is touting this as their logo and mascot.

Now that I am aware of this, I find it disgusting. And hateful.

Marshall is correct. We need to move away from hate speech.

It will help if we can remember the true history of this country and the reasons our native American neighbors have come to us with this request for respect and decency.

The Manataka American Indian Council has written a concise history of the arrival of the Pilgrims to what is now our United States. This history tells a far different story than the folkloric mythology of Thanksgiving as taught to our children in school. It wasn't at all the idyllic feast of turkey, corn bread and apple pie, with singing and dancing and the native Americans and Pilgrims being ever so happy together. It involved, among other devious and murderous things, a soccer game using decapitated Indian heads as the balls.

When my own son was six, I purchased the book "Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong" and read the true history of Thanksgiving to him. When I did this, I also told him that what he was learning in school is also fine, because it is the ideal we need to work toward now and in the future. I told him that school was teaching him the hope for us to be better. But he should never forget the truth of what happened.

I believe that right now is the time we should live up to this.

The founders of this country were refugees. They were illegal immigrants. They climbed onto this land carrying diseases that the native Americans had no immunity to. After being decimated by the smallpox and influenza, many were then herded and shipped back to England as slaves. The rest were murdered and hunted. Women and children were trapped in their homes and burned to death. Bounties were set for the collection of bloody scalps and mutilated bodies (redskins).

Of course they fought back as best they could. They were marked for extinction by a conquering invader who stole their crops, claimed ownership of their home and decided they were godless heathens who were of lesser entitlement to existence than their holy Pilgrim selves. But, as history has it correctly, the native Americans lost. Though we were kind enough to give what was left of the tribes the worst real estate we could find for their reservations and allowed them sovereignty to fend for themselves. Then we wiped our hands, turned our backs and left them alone.


Some of the tribes have managed, over the years, to create great wealth. Some through their art and farm products. But mostly through the creation of casinos where wealthy descendants of the conquering invaders can come and spend money. Some tribes have been so successful that there is now a conflict over the issue of collecting state taxes on the gaming revenues. Because how dare they do well, when we finally managed to put them under thumb with such satisfying finality? They do pay federal taxes, because the United States government has an obligation to protect them and provide certain federal benefits. Though they have no representation in our congress or senate. Now we want to tax them on a state basis, even though we provide no services to them whatsoever at that level.

Once a conquering invader, always a conquering invader.

This is the time that we must finally look at the history as it really happened. It's time to move past that and respect our indigenous neighbors and give them the respect they deserve as human beings and fellow citizens of our larger world. At the very least.

It's time to stop the hate speech for starters.

It starts with you and me.

Change the Mascot.

Monday, June 30, 2014


Last week I wrote about the PCUSA's divestment of Motorola, Caterpillar and Hewlitt Packard in a protest against Israel. While some will claim it was merely a statement against Israel's incursions into the occupied territory and their actions viewed as hostile to Palestine, I personally believe the basis of the divestment had a broader base.

This week, my belief was given support when the PCUSA removed the pamphlet "Zionism Unsettled", which has been distributed to all PCUSA churches since January of this year.

The pamphlet is published by an organization called the Israel-Palestine Mission Network. Despite claims that it has nothing to do with the BDS movement (a Palestinian organization), it appears this was not entirely truthful, as the IPMN works very closely with the BDS movement.

The IPMN supports a one nation solution. Israel is not the nation they include in their one nation.

The IPMN is a Presbyterian Mission Network, funded by the Presbyterian church.

Palestine is run by Hamas, a terrorist organization, who has stated:

“This way (in which the dead terrorists acted) sends a message to the Zionists, according to which they have no place in the land of Palestine,” said Al-Khiya, who threatened, “We shall expel you from our land, we will fight on it against you, and we will either kill you or expel you from it after you surrender.”
Al-Khiya praised the “resistance” in Judea and Samaria, calling on Palestinian Authority Arabs in the region to “continue the path of Jihad.”
He stressed that the jihad is the way to achieve victory. The event was attended by top officials in Hamas, including the deputy head of its political bureau and Hamas’s Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh."Israel Nation News

In connecting the dots here, it appears that the PCUSA supports Hamas intention to "continue the path of Jihad," and kill all Zionist Israelis. 

But not "officially," because they pulled the pamphlets. 

After this and divestment, they will need something else to cover their ass-ets. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


At this year's General Assembly the PCUSA voted to divest financial investments in Hewlett Packard Motorola and Caterpillar, because they supply products to Israel that Israel, in part, uses in occupied Palestine.

The vote is a result of ten years of PCUSA's BDS supportive push to remove support from Israel. Though they vehemently deny any affiliation with the BDS movement. There are those who argue that the protest is solely over Israel's dispute with Palestine over the occupied territory, and that, of course, PCUSA still supports Israel as a nation. And of course they still love the Israeli people to pieces, just like always. But, I divest.

The move of the Israeli government to a more conservative and radical incursion into the contested territory has caused a polar shift in our country's political parties position on this issue. There is no argument that Israel has become more militant and aggressive in its actions against the Palestinians. But our government is working hard to help sort this out. I cannot believe that the PCUSA has more information than the U.S. government for forming an all encompassing judgement for withdrawal. I find this a specious judgement at best.

There should also be no argument that Israel is surrounded by neighbors who vow to destroy and annihilate the state and people of Israel. They have been living under these threats for decades, during which time the United States has remained Israel's ally and supporter.

This is a long standing dispute that continues to heat up. Our country has been working very hard to facilitate a peace accord. It's a nasty gordian knot of issues that has valid points on both sides. But I divest.

This is about the church. The PCUSA for starters, because apparently the Methodists are planning a similar action.

I disagree that Jesus' mission on earth was a political mission. I don't see how his focus was to interfere with Rome's occupation of Israel and its harsh treatment of the Jewish people. I believe he was a peaceful revolutionary in his exhortations to people to love each other and love God, and to help the poor and suffering. Certainly those around him turned his words into political fodder, but when held to account, Jesus did not. He stayed on message. I'm not going to play dueling scripture quotes on this. I'm just stating my simplistic view.  From what I observe here, it seems that Jesus has nothing to do with any of this current decision. But, I divest.

I've read some articles that state the divestment is monetarily insignificant. I've read that the divestment is more a moral protest than anything else. I've read statements that claim this divestment isn't going to make any difference at all on the conflict.  What I haven't been able to find is the justification that has transformed a religious body into a political governing body and the scriptural basis to support condemning Israel by taking its Caterpillar, Motorola and Hewlitt Packard money changing table out of the temple.

The disingenuousness of claiming to hold the nation of Israel and its people in loving regard, after essentially calling them out as bullies, is sickening to me.  Have they examined all their investments to see what companies are aiding Palestine, who as bullies go, have made worse threats against Israel? Can we hear about that? This would include investments that go into products that go to all the nations that supply Palestine with guns, ammo, explosives and any other materials that end up in Israeli killing weapons. Did they look at that?

Baptist Press quotes:
 "PCUSA moderator Heath Rada said, "In no way is this a reflection of our lack of love for Jewish sisters and brothers." to have your cake and eat it too.

And they were doing so well, voting to allow Presbyterian ministers to perform gay weddings in states where gay marriage is legal. 

It's things like this divestment on a global scale, taken to a micro scale in my former church where the pastor cried on cue during three services that he wasn't getting enough money from the congregation for his 22 million dollar legacy building renovation,  after cutting the required percentage giving of donations to Presbytery mission, so they could have a copper roof, that sent my son and I on the path away from organized religion.

I have to ask,

~How can you say you love a nation of people after making a judgment that withdraws support from their physical survival? Granted, there are grounds to call Israel's current push in the occupied territory extreme. But this divestment essentially uses the PCUSA's middle finger to slam the door on Israel, in a moral statement-y way. Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, offered to set up a meeting between PCUSA leaders and Prime Minister Netanyahu and was rejected by PCUSA commissioners. So much for having faith, much less an open heart.

~How can you single out this one political hotbed and not others like Rwanda, Nigeria, Afghanistan, North Korea, Morocco, Iraq, and Syria for example, where thousands are dying daily over property line disputes just as heated? The PCUSA's investments are trickling into these areas, I'm sure, since they use big banks to channel their money. In fact, considering the trickle down benefits of all PCUSA investments, if they are going to be consistent, they need to take all their money out of the bank and broker's houses and stuff it into the GA's mattress. 

~Which brings me to the PCUSA having millions of dollars invested. Shouldn't this money be going to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Doctors Without Borders or World Vision, or even the loans to third world entrepreneurs rather than risky stocks? Well, maybe the moneychanger tables have just gotten way too big for Jesus to overturn. Yeah. That must be it. 

But, I divest.

Thursday, May 08, 2014


I've been dieting. For about a month now.

I don't get on scales when I diet, because I lose weight ridiculously slowly. My thyroid has always been a problem. I have "Hashimoto's Thyroiditis," which is an autoimmune disease where your immune system believes your thyroid to be a tumor and gets busy destroying it and your metabolism as well.

In my thirties, to lose weight I would have to exercise daily and consume no more than 900 calories. At 1200 to 1500 calories I maintain my weight. Above that and I will gain two pounds a week.

Until now.

I have been dieting. For about a month now. To lose the layer of fat around my middle that is an unhealthy threat to my heart, not to mention remarkably unattractive.

This motivation has been spurred by my sweetie having to lose weight to avoid a pre-diabetic diagnosis. I challenged him to a race, touting how I would "leave him in the dust!" Because I am wicked competitive. It's worked. He's shrinking like plastic wrap in the oven. Thank goodness.

I have been dieting. Here's what I eat:  Oatmeal in the morning: small bowl with nuts and blueberries, a little splash of agave and nonfat milk. Snack at 10: a tiny single serving of hummus or applesauce. Lunch is protein: hamburger patty or three meatballs or a can of tuna. Snack afternoon: hardboiled egg or see Snack at 10. Dinner: Can of soup not over 200 calories, or veggies or a salad. For over a month now.

In the past few weeks I've experienced some kind of shoulder injury. I went to the doc today for a physical to generally check out my health and see about my shoulder. Turns out I've got an injury to my rotator cuff and will have to keep it still awhile. Good to know. Then the exciting part.

I was also so looking forward to getting on my old nemesis - the scale - and rock the slidy bitch down a few notches.

I've gained 3 pounds.

Did I mention I've been dieting?

Not me:

P.S. Blood tests have been ordered. The doctor is as mystified as I am, though he suspects my thyroid has moved further south. Duh. Meanwhile, I could eat my arm.