Friday, August 11, 2006


Something about me and cars calls the Lord powerfully to lend His hand.....It's definitely on my list of questions for when I meet Him in person....

This one happened when I was on tour with Covenant Players in Tacoma Washington. I had spent the evening at a friend's house and had been given our touring van for my transport. It was midnight when I left to go back to our host's home.

If you've no experience with cities built around bodies of water, let me enlighten you. All the streets in a city built around a body of water are built in relation to that body of water. Except Seattle (another story). Which means that they do NOT lie in logical north/south, east/west directions. Check out some city maps.

Unfortunately I had not written down directions to and from our host's home. I had driven to my friend's house in the daylight and now it was dark. I got lost. Really, really lost. I realized this about 5 minutes out on my drive home.

Fortunately there was a full tank of gas in the van. Sitting at a red light, after about 3 fruitless turns, I prayed. "O.K., God, I'd like to get home safe and sound. I have no idea where I am. I have a full tank of gas. I'm just going to drive and when I feel it's time to turn, I'm going to turn. Please guide my turns and get me home safe. I'm perfectly happy driving around all night if need be. Thanks and amen".

The light turned green and I started out. Without looking at street signs (which at that point were meaningless anyway) I just made turns when I felt like it. I was happy, relaxed and calm. After about 5 minutes I actually recognized where I was and 2 minutes later was parked in front of our housing. 20 minutes later, sound asleep, after a grateful "Thanks" prayer.

To this day I still have trouble claiming the promise of Jesus and calling on it in times of trouble. I pass harsh judgements on what would be considered "trouble". At 21, my troubles had yet to escalate to what they are today, over 30 years later. Yet, when things do get truly nasty, I will remember this time and the relaxed, confident and loving feeling I had when I made this prayer. And I can then do it again.

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