Sunday, November 05, 2006


I've lost people in my family before, but none so close as my dad. I forgot what a physical experience it is. What a reminder of how connected we all are.

I thank all of you who supported me and my family with your prayers and kind comments. It was a great blessing to me and my mom.

I'm climbing back in the saddle and getting on with the business of getting on. Ben had his Halloween tricks and treats. I brought my mom home with me for several days in the first of many regular visits to come. She was able to attend, for the first time, Ben's Grandparents' day at school. It was a lovely time. And we're getting our picture in the paper.

We've started planning my dad's memorial. He wanted a party and not a service. My mom's church is blessing us with beautiful accommodation.

And Ooh Blah Dee, Ooh Blah Dah, Life Goes On, Braagh.....

And all this was just fine until Monday morning when the phone rang. It seems that I completely forgot my son's parent teacher conference appointment this morning at 7:30. I never forget things like this. I then demonstrated where the expression "dissolved into tears" came from. No longer can I pretend to be handling EVERYTHING. The jig is up! There's a month's worth of paperwork stacked on my desk and my guts are in such a knot that I gauge the distance between myself and a bathroom every minute of the day.

Yup, life goes on. And with a big hole in it now. I know it'll get better. It's the getting through that's the trouble. Ooh Blah Phooey!!