Friday, December 15, 2006


Why are trucks that are at least three times the size of my first apartment called "semi" trucks?

Why do I put on elaborate eye makeup in the summer time, only to go out with giant sunglasses on?

What makes a pastor "the VERY Reverend"? and does it require whiter socks?

Why aren't there condolence cards for the elderly for things like loss of memory, loss of teeth or loss of continence?

Why isn't sexy lingerie made in size 24XX?

Do any of you have curious questions this Christmas time?


St. Casserole said...

Ms. Gal, I have questions like yours often. I cannot think of a single mystery this early in the morning, though.

That "very rev." is an Episcopal thingie. It's part of their culture not to let the rest of us understand. But, gee, they have great vestments!

Glad to find you.

Anonymous said...

Why does cargo go be ship and shipping goes by truck?

Why do produnts in stores brag about their 'new packaging'?

Why do 'non-stick' pans always fail?

And the whole hot dog vs. bun number issue...why are they in different quantities?