Tuesday, January 16, 2007


My fellow blogger and Renaissance Woman, Quotidian Grace, has issued a voluntary "5 Odd Facts" Meme. I volunteer these:

1. Celebrity: It's a toss up between playing chess with Sharon Stone before she was hugely famous, losing to her on purpose because her assistant said she didn't like to lose and my then beau was her attorney, and then her grabbing my behind on our way out; OR Michael Douglas, while I was placing a phone call to him for my then boss, mistaking me for a girlfriend who sent a sexy Valentine.

2. Royal Correspondence: I wrote to Queen Elizabeth just after the death of Princess Diana. She wrote me back. Or rather her secretary did, saying "I am to tell you that Her Majesty was most interested in your comments".

3. While in Covenant Players I performed before a 15,000 audience in Saratoga Springs, New York. We did a suicide play where I had to stand on a folding chair. The chair was placed exactly at the edge of the stage and I was sure I was gonna fall over and break my neck. Got great gasps from the audience, but eeek-gad.

4. I'm the first person to create the motion picture credit: Post Production Accountant. It's used now all the time. Look at your next movie.

5. I had my only child and son extraordinnaire at the age of 45. He is 100% home grown. No fertility drugs. No standing on my head. I say that I saved the best egg for last. And my OB/Gyn still tells the joke from when we were looking into an egg donor, that I told her "I'm so cheap, I used my own egg". The truth is, he is the best miracle God ever gave me.

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Quotidian Grace said...

These are great! It's hard to know which is my favorite--love the celebrity and Queen Elizabeth stories and "post production accountant" creation. But in the end I'd choose your line about being so cheap you used your own egg.

Thanks for playing!!