Thursday, January 11, 2007


Next week we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, as is appropriate. But that is not a holiday that calls for chocolate and Valentine's Day is so very far off.

So I found some new Holiday's, just in case one requires a special occasion for a chocolate treat. My faves for next week are:

Tuesday, January 16: Appreciate a dragon day: Wherein I shall not only enjoy scaly chocolate, but also send flowers to my mother-in-law!

Also Tuesday is National Nothing Day, where nothing will stop me from enjoying chocolate;

AND it's also Religious Freedom Day (thank goodness we all have at least one day in the year for it!)

Then, Wednesday, January 17, I find a curious counterpoint with Judgment Day occuring concurrently with Customer Service Day. A good holiday for being a chocolate customer, and perhaps the last one ever!

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zorra said...

Supposedly we are about to have an ice storm here, which is really, really rare. I say that calls for chocolate.