Saturday, January 20, 2007


Nothing's more fun for me than cooking when I have my cooking mojo on. Best is when I've nothing planned, don't know what to make when I go into my eensy kitchen and rummage. Rummage dinners are usually the best. Especially after holidays when there are remnants of gourmet delights lurking about the cupboards.

But tonight was simple. I took Trader Joe's salmon burgers and flattened them out. Dipped them in flour, egg w/ a splash of buttermilk and panko crumbs and fried them up in Crisco. (Yeah, I know the evil trans fats, but darlins, moderation O.K.? I can't give it all up. Just enough not to clog my arteries). Squirted on a little fresh lemon juice and made fresh Ranch dressing for dipping.

Then took Trader Joe's bag of prepped butternut squash and microwaved them in the bag according to directions. Ah, but then..... Then the muse took hold of me. I prepped a small mixing bowl with orange zest and a few squirts of orange left from the slices I made for my son's supper, added a pat of butter and a scant tablespoon of sugar. Mixed in the cooked cubes of squash a sprinkle of kosher salt and Voila! I've never enjoyed squash more. Although the Benster took his required two bites and said "not to my taste, mom". At least he didn't gag. I call that progress. And there was more for us grown ups.

I do love Trader Joe's for quickie inspirations. What did you all have for dinner?


zorra said...

Oh, I miss Trader Joe's!!! That was one of the best things about living in So. Cal.

So chilly and rainy here yesterday...we had a free afternoon and evening, cozy at home,and I decided it was a good day to make a pot roast, which I did, with mushroom/onion/sherry gravy and a brown rice pilaf; nuked some nice beets from the co-op for me (thought about making an orange sauce like yours, but I was too lazy), stir fried the beet greens w/garlic for the Scientist--and it was all good.

Quotidian Grace said...

I was going to ask what Trader Joe's was--then zorra says its a southern California thing. Too bad!

zorra said...

Actually it's a nearly-everywhere-but-Texas thing...