Thursday, February 15, 2007


When invited to visit a newly known friend
I rushed right on over today.
Not bothering with fresh clothes,
clean socks or brushed teeth.
I was sure I'd be just fine this way.

I rushed into the house, knocking over the stand
whereby all the coats and hats hung.
The mud on my shoes left
brown stains on the rug
I was sure no reproach would be sung.

Well my good friend did greet me with warmth and with smiles.
Ignoring my rampage at first.
Though when I left snotty kleenex
on her green damask couch
I was told her good humor might burst.

Cabernet on the curtains,
Oops I missed when I peed
And my soda cans rolled on the floor,
I even left scuff marks high up on the walls
as I spray painted my name on the doors.

Now this place is trashed, gotta find someplace new
where I can relax and be free to be me.
Too bad nothing's left here, too bad it's all ruined
Can't imagine what happened and all
But the smell makes me now want to flee.

Well we're ungrateful guests
in our home planet earth.
We're trashing the place without care
"Just wait until your Father gets home"
Mother Earth says while wiping a tear.

Well I guess I'm no longer welcome here.

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