Friday, March 23, 2007


This week, from Songbird: "For this Friday Five, name five practices, activities, people or _____ (feel free to fill in something I may be forgetting) that for you are rivers in the desert."

5. Yoga - a 90 minute meditation in a 105 degree room, sweating out all the toxins of the day, then a nice 20 minute shower savasana at home, washing me clean and fresh. Ahhhhh.

4. Writing - where my soul can sing, and where I can make up whatever I wanna. When I need to laugh, when I need to cry, I can write it and when it comes through me from the Spirit is just the best experience of all.

3. My mom - she was not a good mother when I was a little girl. She's a better mother now. And she's the only one I have. We've both worked hard to find an oasis where we can refresh each other.

2. My son - ah Wonderboy. The child fills me with the deepest experience of a human existence I have ever walked through. (Not meanin' to sound like Shirley MacLaine here. Just talking about the one human existence here and its many phases of existence) How is it that our hearts can walk around outside our bodies like this?

1. Jesus - Now sings my soul! He is why I can do yoga and write and love up my momma and son. He's the only sense in the nonsense of this world. He's who goes out and finds me when I've strayed off the road home. He gave me the best Christmas present - salvation. He is the river and the boat. Nuff said and can't say nuff.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Because tomorrow is RevGalBlogPals Friday Five and because the weekend is full of TMTD (too much to do) "A Matter of Gravity" will continue next week. As soon as possible, I promise. (earlier if I get insomnia and write in the middle of the night).

Many thanks to the kind comments and support. It's better than a glazed buttermilk donut and coffee after church. And believe me, I realllly love glazed buttermilk donuts and coffee!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


If you have dogs or cats, check out this article and the link to the recalled pet food from Menu Foods.

Pet Food Recall

Friday, March 16, 2007


Reverend Mother has to work on her day off, so she's made today simple:

Name five things you plan to do today.

Bonus: If today is about "have-to" for you as well, share up to five things you'd like to be doing today

Have to do:

Go to periodontist to look at aftermath Monday's gum surgery and take the rest of the putty off.
Go to work to finish what I thought would have been done yesterday.
Go to market to pick up milk and "whatnots" forgotten on Monday ("whatnots" are on aisle 12)
Do laundry
Deal with new situation from icky mom boss of parent association once again excluding Wonderboy from something

Rather do:

Get massage and manicure
See movie
Eat lunch with a friend
Write a play for worship service
Have to deal with 27 million dollar inheritance

Friday, March 09, 2007


This week's Friday Five is from Songbird:

"My mother loved figs.

I only like them in a Newton.

It's all a matter of taste.

Name five things you like a lot that some close relative or significant other did/does not like. This could be food, movies, hobbies, music, sports or whatever springs to mind."

I love olives! All kinds. Black pitted for a tasty manicure. Kalamari olives in that fantastic brine to go with the feta cheese. Forget the martini, just give me the green olives! That's what my mom would do when I was a kid. She'd order extra olives for her martini for yours truly! What a pal. And tapenade on a buttery biscuit cracker! And my son and his father can't stand 'em. Lots more for me.

I love country music. The modern stuff now, like Rascal Flatts and, I confess while ducking as you throw your mice at me, Dixie Chicks, and I've always loved Dolly. You can relate almost every issue in your real life to a country song. And what a blessing to be able to tap your foot to it at the same time! Tappin' your toes and beltin' out your miseries in 3 part harmony while sailing down the highway. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Most people I know can't stand it. Their loss for sure.

I love cats. Have two. Cally the main cat and Lucy the best cat. Grew up with cats. Learned most of my wisdom from cats. Was nursed back to health on many occasions by cats. Have enjoyed many late night chats with cats. Our pastor hates cats. Only loves dogs. Even preaches against cats in his sermons! And he wonders why his back yard is filled with rats at night. Ha!

I like getting up early in the morning to get a head start on the day. Feel closer to that million bucks with an extra jump start. Wonderboy's dad prefers to sleep in late on days off. No wonder the honey-do list grows.

And a reversal one, when growing up my momma would love to make liver and onions for dinner about once a month (echh, feccchhh, I gag even writing this!). Fortunately she would also make bacon and mashed potatoes and only require that I take two bites. I cut the smallest bites I could get away with, smothered them in mashed potatoes and bacon and tried to swallow without chewing. Choked almost every time.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Do you ever wonder what families were like in Jesus' time? Did they have the same or similar issues that we do? Well, no they didn't have the TV or gameboy or the Playstation thing. But something must have taken its place? Doncha think? Was it sheep tipping? Or some early version of Mancala? Did Mary have issues with Jesus about structuring his play time?

"Jesus! How many times have I told you not to levitate over your bed at Passover? We have relatives here! They're gonna talk".

I mean, Mary knew from the time Jesus was born that there was something extra special about Him. So did Joseph.

If it was today, do you think Jesus would play Little League? Would he enjoy a catch with Joseph after his 3 hours of homework in 4th grade? Would he have been diagnosed ADHD?

If Jesus were a kid today, would a synagogue exist that would actually seriously entertain his instruction at age 12? Somehow, I don't think so.

God picked the perfect place and the perfect time for our Savior to ease on down the road.

Just like he picked the perfect place and the perfect time for us. And considering that, for God, everything happens at the same time, that is a truly amazing thing. I have to return to this thought every time I start to consider that my existence is some huge cosmic mistake. Or joke. On me.

Jesus' childhood. Someday we're all gonna either know all about it, or moving into the next phase, not care. For me, today, I find that wondering about these things while I read scripture makes it alive for me. Helps to translate it into what I need to know today. Or helps point me to it, so I can willfully deny it, if need be. Till it conks me on the head again.

Just sayin'. Stuff in the Bible. Really happened. Can be transposed to modern day. Can be ignored. Or not. Jesus lives! And he lived before, as a baby, a child, a teenager and a young man. With every human tweak we have today.

It just amazes me.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Just a couple things are stuck in my head, outside of a truly hideous nightmare I had two nights ago. I'll spare you the 'mare (don't usually have them any more, except just before the end of life as we know it).

But here's a couple questions:

The word "spare"..... On one Old English hand it means meager, or thin. On another hand, it means extra. How are we sposed to figure out what "spare change" "spare tire" or "spare time" really mean? I'd really like to apply the first meaning to my "spare tire", but actual physics insist on the second meaning. Drat.

Shouldn't the word be "hittle" and not "missle"? That is, if the target is indeed meant to be hit.

Why is it so many pie charts reporting statistics include "unreported cases"? I mean, if they're not reported how is it they're counted? Ouija board? Crystal ball? Vodka shooter?

Hope y'all had a lovely Monday.

Friday, March 02, 2007


The theme is "A Beautiful Thing," inspired by the story of the woman anointing Jesus and his declaration that "She has done a beautiful thing for me." (Mark 14, NIV)

We are working on the notion that everything we do can be considered a beautiful thing--a creative offering to God--whether it's gardening or scrapbooking or accounting or sorting clothes at the clothes closet or child-rearing. And so:

1. Would you call yourself "creative"? Why or why not?
Yes. Because I harbor an insistent and demanding, often annoying drive to express myself in writing, in movement, in making the detritus of life look pretty.

2. Share a creative or artistic pursuit you currently do that you'd like to develop further.
Writing, writing writing. I want to earn a living from it: articles, books, plays, birthday poems, one-liners for the Pope.

3. Share a creative or artistic pursuit you have never done but would like to try.
I have a SAG card, for goodness sakes. I don't understand why they haven't called me to co-star with Meryl in a major motion picture. Seriously, acting would be fun, but I don't have the stomach for auditions.

4. Complete this sentence: "I am in awe of people who can _____________."
I am in awe of people who can look at a pile of apparently useless and ugly materials and then make something amazingly useful or beautiful or useful and beautful from it.

5. Share about a person who has encouraged your creativity, who has "called you to your best self." (I'm pretty sure that's from the Gospel of Oprah.
My son, Ben. The innocent joy and insistence of his childhood has made this call for me. I have to do better than I am, and then it leaks over into everything else. And it pulls me into places I would have previously walked on by and never noticed.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Sometimes while driving Wonderboy to school we both drift off into our own reveries. This is always accompanied by music. Today it was a Celtic Woman CD. Forget the name. It's the one done by the elfin violinist/fiddle player who dances like an Irish faerie about the stage as she plays like an angel.

Today, I amused myself with a line from yesterday's entry: Presbygal Land. What would that be like? I pictured an amusement park with a combination of roller coasters and fear factor like rides. Perhaps you in your land can relate. Picture if you will a lovely entrance covered with bougainvillea. As you walk past the entrance, it will be hard to choose from the following rides and attractions:

"JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS" - A 100 foot bridge off which one jumps with or without a bungee cord.

"LEAPS OF FAITH" - A pathway with many ups and downs, scattered with broken sections about 20 feet wide over which one must make grand jetes. Some patches have nasty spiky things sticking up. Some have pillows. And you're blindfolded.

"RIDE IT OUT" - This is a water thrill ride in a boat full of holes.

"STRETCH THE DOLLAR" - One must enter naked and take a 3" long piece of polyester and make it into a suit. Rewards for originality on this one.

"GUESS THE MEANING" - Where a master of disingenuousness predicts your future in haiku.

"JUMP THROUGH HOOPS" - You'll never know which ones will light on fire and which ones will squirt icy water! Always a surprise.

"DECIDE ALREADY!" - Pick the door that leads to unlimited fortune! You only have one choice and 10 seconds to make it! One of the incorrect doors leads to a life working at a DQ, living in a 100 s.f. trailer with a 3 legged dog named Stinky.

A very fun place full of action packed adventures. Bring the kiddies! Discounts given to Auto Club and AARP members.