Friday, March 16, 2007


Reverend Mother has to work on her day off, so she's made today simple:

Name five things you plan to do today.

Bonus: If today is about "have-to" for you as well, share up to five things you'd like to be doing today

Have to do:

Go to periodontist to look at aftermath Monday's gum surgery and take the rest of the putty off.
Go to work to finish what I thought would have been done yesterday.
Go to market to pick up milk and "whatnots" forgotten on Monday ("whatnots" are on aisle 12)
Do laundry
Deal with new situation from icky mom boss of parent association once again excluding Wonderboy from something

Rather do:

Get massage and manicure
See movie
Eat lunch with a friend
Write a play for worship service
Have to deal with 27 million dollar inheritance


QuakerPastor said...

Maybe RevGalPals should open a
I could see it now, coffee, whatnots, and lots of loads of spiritually grounded clothing!

Hedwyg said...

Ah, you poor thing with your $27 million inheritance. I'm sure you'll think of something to do with it. :-)

Best of luck on your day. I'm finding that as I visit each "player" today, I'm offering up prayers for her(or him) in her(his) day. Take good care this weekend.

chartreuseova said...

A 27 million dollar inheritance? Why 27 and not 28 or 26?

Actually I'm not sure I'd want to deal with that on a Friday. Monday maybe.

reverendmother said...

Love your want-to list!

the reverend mommy said...

Oooo... can I help you deal with all that money? I have a few ideas ....

Amy said...

Here's an idea. Get a massage and manicure while you watch someone do your laundry.

Sally said...

Laundry features heavily on revgals lists today...

as for your wish list- excellent- here's hoping you can find time for one or two of those things!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Chartreusenova: 27 because 2 and 7 equal 9. And for some reason I have an affinity for numbers with 9 or that equal nine. No official reason. Just a personal itch.

Reverend Mommy: Lots of room for your ideas. Now we just have to wait for that big ole ship of money to float in!

hipchickmamma said...

i like the idea of a revgal laundromat or perahps a laundry service is in order!

love your "rather do" list!
great play!

Deb said...

Ok, you open the laundromat. Next door will be my :Incarnational business: -- a coffee bar / used book store / beer brewing supply house... with a 40 acre bird sanctuary for the back yard. (Guess we would have to be on the outskirts of town...??)

the reverend mommy said...

yeah!! a RevGal Laundromat! Count me in!

mompriest said...

Dental work, yuk.

Laundry, me too.

A big fat inheritance in any amount will do...

Fun play, thanks!