Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Do you ever wonder what families were like in Jesus' time? Did they have the same or similar issues that we do? Well, no they didn't have the TV or gameboy or the Playstation thing. But something must have taken its place? Doncha think? Was it sheep tipping? Or some early version of Mancala? Did Mary have issues with Jesus about structuring his play time?

"Jesus! How many times have I told you not to levitate over your bed at Passover? We have relatives here! They're gonna talk".

I mean, Mary knew from the time Jesus was born that there was something extra special about Him. So did Joseph.

If it was today, do you think Jesus would play Little League? Would he enjoy a catch with Joseph after his 3 hours of homework in 4th grade? Would he have been diagnosed ADHD?

If Jesus were a kid today, would a synagogue exist that would actually seriously entertain his instruction at age 12? Somehow, I don't think so.

God picked the perfect place and the perfect time for our Savior to ease on down the road.

Just like he picked the perfect place and the perfect time for us. And considering that, for God, everything happens at the same time, that is a truly amazing thing. I have to return to this thought every time I start to consider that my existence is some huge cosmic mistake. Or joke. On me.

Jesus' childhood. Someday we're all gonna either know all about it, or moving into the next phase, not care. For me, today, I find that wondering about these things while I read scripture makes it alive for me. Helps to translate it into what I need to know today. Or helps point me to it, so I can willfully deny it, if need be. Till it conks me on the head again.

Just sayin'. Stuff in the Bible. Really happened. Can be transposed to modern day. Can be ignored. Or not. Jesus lives! And he lived before, as a baby, a child, a teenager and a young man. With every human tweak we have today.

It just amazes me.

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I led our men's group study last year, and we did a series on "Jesus the Man". It made for some great discussions.

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