Thursday, March 01, 2007


Sometimes while driving Wonderboy to school we both drift off into our own reveries. This is always accompanied by music. Today it was a Celtic Woman CD. Forget the name. It's the one done by the elfin violinist/fiddle player who dances like an Irish faerie about the stage as she plays like an angel.

Today, I amused myself with a line from yesterday's entry: Presbygal Land. What would that be like? I pictured an amusement park with a combination of roller coasters and fear factor like rides. Perhaps you in your land can relate. Picture if you will a lovely entrance covered with bougainvillea. As you walk past the entrance, it will be hard to choose from the following rides and attractions:

"JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS" - A 100 foot bridge off which one jumps with or without a bungee cord.

"LEAPS OF FAITH" - A pathway with many ups and downs, scattered with broken sections about 20 feet wide over which one must make grand jetes. Some patches have nasty spiky things sticking up. Some have pillows. And you're blindfolded.

"RIDE IT OUT" - This is a water thrill ride in a boat full of holes.

"STRETCH THE DOLLAR" - One must enter naked and take a 3" long piece of polyester and make it into a suit. Rewards for originality on this one.

"GUESS THE MEANING" - Where a master of disingenuousness predicts your future in haiku.

"JUMP THROUGH HOOPS" - You'll never know which ones will light on fire and which ones will squirt icy water! Always a surprise.

"DECIDE ALREADY!" - Pick the door that leads to unlimited fortune! You only have one choice and 10 seconds to make it! One of the incorrect doors leads to a life working at a DQ, living in a 100 s.f. trailer with a 3 legged dog named Stinky.

A very fun place full of action packed adventures. Bring the kiddies! Discounts given to Auto Club and AARP members.


Quotidian Grace said...

Very clever, PG! How close do you live to Disneyland again?

Presbyterian Gal said...

QG - Not only is Disneyland just leaping distance away, I'll be at a party with John Lassiter soon and will be able to suggest some of these great new attractions for the faltering California Adventure! Sweet!