Monday, March 05, 2007


Just a couple things are stuck in my head, outside of a truly hideous nightmare I had two nights ago. I'll spare you the 'mare (don't usually have them any more, except just before the end of life as we know it).

But here's a couple questions:

The word "spare"..... On one Old English hand it means meager, or thin. On another hand, it means extra. How are we sposed to figure out what "spare change" "spare tire" or "spare time" really mean? I'd really like to apply the first meaning to my "spare tire", but actual physics insist on the second meaning. Drat.

Shouldn't the word be "hittle" and not "missle"? That is, if the target is indeed meant to be hit.

Why is it so many pie charts reporting statistics include "unreported cases"? I mean, if they're not reported how is it they're counted? Ouija board? Crystal ball? Vodka shooter?

Hope y'all had a lovely Monday.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

hittle instead of missle...*snickers*

don't eat alone said...

I liked that one two.

Then, of course, you can pick up a spare at the bowling alley.


don't eat alone said...

One more that I thought of this morning: why do they call it a near miss? More like a near hit.