Thursday, April 26, 2007


1. Wearing -
~Sweatpants and a T shirt. My standard sleepwear. More Vic's secret than Victoria's

2. Pondering -
~How on earth I'm going to fit in one hour of exercise each and every day, while completing the other 27 hours of "must do's" on my To Do list.
~What would be a good story for my next installment piece and praying for inspiration.
~Why the owner and teacher at yoga yesterday were so mean when I was just asking a simple question.
~Where Wonderboy misplaced his wallet with his library and ID card, plus his cash.
~How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

3. Reading
~Just finished Anne Lamott's "Grace Eventually". First time I've read her. Love her style.
~Dietrick Bonhoeffer's "Life Together" as recommended by a commenter here from one of my "Village" posts.
~Fannie Flagg's "Can't Wait to Get to Heaven". I love Fannie Flagg. Good relaxin' before bed reading.
~Jason Boyett's "Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse". Really funny while being a great review at the same time.

4. Dreaming
~Of being able to earn a good living with my writing......Any suggestions?
~Of regaining my former athletic level of fitness (Doc told me this week it could be done)
~Of finding true community in, if not my church, a church somewhere and finding mentors for Wonderboy to learn how to be a good Christian man.
~Of swaying in a hammock on a Hawaiian beach with a good book, a perfect Mai Tai and a sweet breeze blowin' through my hair. (actually got to do that once. It's a memory that lingers tauntingly)
~About what heaven will be like. Death's been circling my family, though currently not in a morbid way. Just in a 'surprised to wake up alive again today' way. I know that sounds bizarrely strange. But if you were on my side of the glasses it would make perfect sense.

5. Eating
~Trying to forget about that. I will try today to go with:
....Oatmeal for breakfast with green tea before the exercise and coffee
....Hardboiled egg for snack
....Salad for lunch when I take my mama out for her birthday
....Whatever's light I can find in the fridge for dinner
....Birthday cake, ice cream and Irish coffee for Happy Birthday time! (hey, if I'm good all day.......)
[Just kidding on the last]


Cathy said...

Why WAS that yoga instructor so mean? I always think... it costs just as much money to be nice as it does to be mean, but nice is much better!

Love your play on this --- lots of answers to learn about you!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Thanks Cathy, it's kind of a long winded post but here's my sad yoga time story from Thursday.

You are so right, nice is much better. Even when it's a difficult subject.

Sally said...

dreaming of what heaven will be like- I love it!
As for the yoga instructor- somehow meanness and yoga don't sit well together- buyt then I guess we're all human
Peace and blessings.

QuakerPastor said...

Here, here on the exercise...maybe we could virtually work out together!

Anonymous said...

Ah, earning a living from writing...a good goal to have (I haven't figured it out yet).

SpookyRach said...

Loved reading your answers. And your post on the yoga meaness was a hoot! Why my google reader didn't deem it necessary to share that one with me before now is a mystery...

I understand about death circling and being interested in the mere fact of waking up alive. Yes. I. Do. (But then, you knew that, right?)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*snickers* more Vic than Victoria' that!

Quotidian Grace said...

Great play, PG! Now I gotta go find that Apocalypse book you mentioned.

Iris said...

Great play, PG!

Hedwyg said...

Great play! I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Mary Beth said...

ah, of Anne Lamott you must read Operating Instructions - A Journal of My Son's First Year.

mompriest said...

Good play, thanks for sharing. I've not yet read Anne Lamott (I know, living in the dark ages) but now I have too.

Anonymous said...

Boy, those woodchucks do get around, don't they! I completely missed that the first time around.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Sally: You are right. Every one of us.
Quakerpastor: I like it! Burning virtual calories!
Kievas: Maybe we could write an epic about that traveling woodchuck and sell it as a series!
Spookyrach: Why yes I did know that.
Princess: Your laugin' keeps me writin' sistah!
QG: I'll see you at Amazon while I'm buying up everything on your list!
Iris: Thanks for stopping by.
Hedwyg: Thanks, you too.
Mary Beth: I'll check that book out. She's so good, isn't she?
MomPriest: Mary Beth or I can loan you one to see if you like her, which I know you will.