Monday, April 30, 2007


Since Wonderboy is still experiencing some sleeping issues, morning wake up is a bit more of a chore. Answering this challenge to my creative, think ouside the box, motherhood, I have invented a new way to embrace the day with a laugh and a smile.


It is reminiscent of my days in improv class and we had a hoot with it this morning. I'll elaborate:

A certain type of movie or behavioral genre is chosen. The family then prepares and eats breakfast acting in that genre. For example:

Horror Movie Breakfast:
*SHRIEEEEEEEEK!!!* "Mother, the eggs, the eggs, they stare at me so!!"
"Don't worry son, I'll kill them!!!" ~mother annihilates eggs with fork~ "There son, they won't hurt you scrambled!!"

Shakespeare Breakfast:
"Forsooth young offspring, the cake of pan awaits"

Soap Opera Breakfast:
"Mommy I must confess something."
"What, my darling?"
"I've been eating another yogurt" (bites hand in guilt)
"Oh no!" (backhand to forehead in grief, "And I thought this was the only one!!"

Goth Breakfast (for the teenagers):
Mother: *grunt?*
Son: *grunt, snorfle, ergh*
Mother: *scratch, grunt?*
Son: "Whatever"

Come up with your own and do share!


Gannet Girl said...

I rather like the Goth version.

Barbara B. said...

Western Genre:

"Ma, gimme some sarsaparilla"
"Not fer breakfast you lily-livered, bowlegged varmint!"

(Oh wait, you're supposed to be Mom, not Yosemite Sam... Nevermind.)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*snickers* You are such a hoot!

Ed said...

I'm 50, but Goth Breakfast comes closest to my early morning conversational style.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Gannet Girl and Ed: The last two I would've figured for Goth.

Barbara B - Yosemite Sam works as Mom. I'm likin' yir take onnit.

Princess Mindy: Why, thank you.

SpookyRach said...

Hard Boiled Detective Breakfast:

Son: "Sramble me some eggs, ma'am. But don't make 'em bleed. I've seen enough bleedin' to last me a lifetime."

Mother: "Here's your eggs, darlin. I...I...I've always wanted to cook your breakfast. You believe that don't you?"

Son: "I don't know what I believe anymore, sister. It doesn't matter. All that matters is feedin' this hunger I've got inside. A mean, gnawing hunger. The kind of hunger that can make a man forget what he had for supper."

Mother: "Of all the kitchens, in all the world, you had to walk into mine..."

Well, ok, maybe that last line was a bit off the genre mark...

Love your breakfast idea!

Presbyterian Gal said...

SpookyRach -
LOL....That's a good one. Gonna pass it by the Jr. Detective here and'll let you know what he says.

Ed said...

I'm back! I got this far with Session Meeting Breakfast before I lost my appetite:

Motherator (tapping pan with spatula): I hereby call this meal to order. Is there a motion to approve the menu?
Child 1: So moved.
Motherator: Second?
Child 2: Second.
Motherator: All in favor, say yes.
Children: Yes.
Motherator: Opposed, no.
Motherator: So ordered. First action item: report from the Committee on the Peace, Purity, Unity, and Nutrition of the Family.
Child 1: The committee recommends that the family actually eat the breakfast.
Child 2: The minority report would exclude the oatmeal.

Wonderboy said...

I'd do that one with a hat. A black hat.

Presbyterian Gal said...

LOL. Aside from coming to an agreed action far too quicky, that was perfect. And excluding the oatmeal is exactly what would happen here.