Saturday, April 07, 2007


My mom's here this weekend for the Easter holiday and we were ruminating on "time" this morning. Here are the day's questions:

Does the nick of time bleed?

Does anyone ask permission before splitting seconds. Does the ACLU need to get involved here?

Is time out of mind in therapy?

Does time mind when we're on it? (Perhaps that's why it's in therapy)

Does time leave a stain when it's on your hands?

Are sooner or later the trailer trash cousins of carpe diem?

How long have now and then been dating?

Where do you hide your time so it's not stolen?

Why is it still two timing when it occurs three, four or more times?

When time tells, do we get any chance to say "did not"?

Can wasted time be recycled?

Gotta go now. I'm out of time.

(shared hat tip to my mama)

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Quotidian Grace said...

These are great! Have a blessed Easter.