Tuesday, April 10, 2007


She walked into the house and smelled
a smell that wasn't lunch.
It had a noxious odor
and she soon had a good hunch

About exactly what had caused
her nose to pinch all in.
She followed the trail of smelliness
and found it under the gin.

Aha! she cried, I knew for sure
that sonny had fibbed to me,
For under that gin she discovered
the 6 month old Easter candy!

She lifted it up holding it out
far away from her heaving breast
that threatened to hurl her just downed lunch
all over her red, white and blue dress.

Mold of many colors grew thick
on the jelly beans
and the chocolate bore a strange and thick
white fuzzy covering.

She took the offending basket outside
and dumped it in the bin
then scurried as fast as fast as could be
back to the house and in

Where upon finally breathing deep
and letting out an "OY!"
she fell thankfully upon the couch
clean air filling her lungs with joy.

Now sonny came home and seeing what was
headed off south at an impressive run,
but was soon caught by his good Mom
who indeed was Wonder Woman.

Now Easter time in this good house
is stress and worry free
for the basket is now filled with
soap and plastic broccoli!

Dedicated to Purechristianithink, Jodie and SpookyRach


Jodie said...

Nicely done!

{clap}, {clap}, {clap}


Quotidian Grace said...

Very cute.
~passes Lysol air spray~

SpookyRach said...

Ha ha! That's too cool. Chocolate gets really scary at that point. And mold? On the jelly beans! That is some serious age.

Although I think I should point out that if my neice read this, she would walk right up to you, look you straight in the belly-button and say: "NO! Ray-ray is Woman-Woman."

Not that she's been coached, mind you. Hee hee!

Purechristianithink said...

very cool.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Thank you, thank you *bows modestly*.