Monday, May 21, 2007


Why is it called a "fat farm" when that's the last thing you want to grow? (P.S. I'm the one in the middle so everyone can follow)

After my mom's surgery on her neck I asked if she had any feeling coming back in her hands. She said she was experiencing a "numb sensation". ???????

Who exactly stops shooting in a "partial cease fire"?

and freezer burn. Can they just make up their minds? Is it frozen or burned? Either way there will be no chicken for dinner.

Then there's the one that I have never understood and never will: "can we agree to disagree?". Sure. And I will still say that you're as dumb as a post. Does this mean that this way one can still admire the other's color sense and save face?

Then again, all the above are just my unbiased opinions seeking to leave you pleasantly confused while I excuse myself to go now and sleep vigorously and have some awfully good dreams.

We are an odd species.


don't eat alone said...

This is one I've always liked: El Camino Classic.


SpookyRach said...

That chicken? Freakin' scary! *shudder*

zorra said...

Good grief!! Where do you find these pictures? I don't know which one is scarier--freezer burn, or Dr. Phil.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Milton, if you came here to a street called Van Nuys Blvd. on Friday night, you perhaps might change your mind about the El Camino.

SpookyRach, let me know if that chicken need to ride somewhere to someone in the TTOJ!!

Zorra, you're the one that sent me into the wonderful treasure trove of Yahoo pictures and Google pictures. All these come from Google. I feel like like a little girl getting her first fancy glitter dress and shoes treasure box!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You are so funny and always just crack me up. You should work in probation.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Ah, Mindy, I suspect there's a goldmine of material and inspiration there, judging from your blog. That and a great discount on street drugs.