Wednesday, July 11, 2007


What is your view of the following and where it might or might not be leading?

1. The Pope's new pronouncements on going back to mass in Latin and that if you ain't Roman Catholic you ain't Christian.

2. According to my internist, the various ailments we normally suffer, like colds and flu, are getting much worse because the micro-organisms are evolving into stronger resistant strains faster than our immune system is adapting to them. Mostly caused by the misuse of antibiotics, which is not being slowed, regulated or stopped, especially in the third world countries where the new resistant strains are emerging.

3. That no matter how much we argue left and right, hawk or dove, attack or negotiate, it remains that the jihadic faction of Islam (NOT all Muslims, I must underline) hates our guts no matter what we believe and still wants to kill us all. What might happen if we took to praying for Osama Bin Laden and pray for the Lord to intervene with him as He did with Saul/Paul?

4. That costs of things are increasing at a rate at least triple to that of our income.

5. That it appears our planet simply does not have the natural resources to provide for the demands and requirements of our burgeoning and exponentially increasing population. Does it seem possible that the artificial increase of prices on fossil fuel is because the "powers that be" blew it when it came to changing our direction to renewable sources of energy and now they want to bankrupt us into making it happen?

6. That the media has perhaps insidiously taken over dictating how we spend our time in a day. If you agree, how would we turn that around?

That's about it off the top of my head today.


Cathy said...

1. Pshaw.
2. Yup, I do believe that be true.
3. I am sorry the jihadist hate our guts - best pray for them all.
4. It does seem like things are increasing at a rate of at least triple our income. Something's got to give!
5.I don't know the answer to that question.
6. Unfortunately true - it does dictate our culture. When are we going to learn?

Short, sweet, answers...

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

1. Pope Schmope...
2. stop using antibacterial soap & let kids play in the dirt more
3. the great commission is more than novel idea... tough to live, but it's what Jesus asks right?
4. buy less
5. frightening
6. ooh am I missing Oprah now?

Jan said...

1. "That old time religion. . . " where never the twain shall meet.
2. Have heard proof from my daughter's pediatrician.
3. If we truly believe in God and God's love for each person, we need to be praying for them.
4. Try not to buy things made in China. . . buying less is probably best.
5. Greed and lust for power.
6. Don't know how to change it.

Gary said...

1. I think its good that the Pope is allowing those that want a Latin mass to have one. I don't understand why anyone would want one but that is beside the point.

As for his pronouncement about non-Roman Catholics... he's just stating how I think everyone feels about their denomination and how denominations feel about themselves. I think the PCA is the church that is correct and the others are "defective" in some way. That doesn't however mean that I think there aren't saved Christians in the other denominations. I'm pretty sure others think that of their denominations as well (otherwise why be a member of that denomination or why start the denomination) and that they have some reason why the PCA is defective. (But they're wrong ;) )

2. Wouldn't surprise me. Luckily I haven't been really sick for a couple of years now. Other then an occassional sniffle or headache. I'm sure that will change once I get to Seminary.

3. We should pray that the Lord opens their eyes to their madness.

4. I blame it on one party ruling everything for years. Both parties are the same. The only thing that keeps them under control is splitting the government so the fanatics fight amongst themselves. And the moderates get something through that is passable to the fanatics.

Of course #5 has something to do with the raising prices since everything is transported somewhere to be sold.

5. I don't think its to late. But its time to stop allowing special interests to dictate legislation.

I think we are being gouged to death by the oil industry and they still have the ear of the legislatures.

We need to switch to corn ethanol and have the farmers plant more corn. IE stop paying them to not plant in their fields.

And the sooner we switch, the sooner we stop bankrolling terrorists.

6. Switch off the traditional media and get your info online from multiple sources with multiple perspectives. Unfortunately. most people are to lazy for that and are being programmed by the media.

SpookyRach said...

1. I've totally missed this one, somehow. Living under a rock, I guess.

2. I think more people should subscribe to the "suck it up!" school of parenting. Quit buying your kids dorky helments and safety cages for their trampolines. And let 'em be sick! It won't kill them! :)

3. Prayer is the only solution. Pray for them and pray for ourselves. Especially that we will trust in God and not be afraid.

4. Yup. That's why I'm riding my bike to work!

5. Who knows? I just hope something positive happens. Buying oil hasn't worked, can we try something else? (Although Archer Daniels Midland already secretly rules the world and the rise of Ethanol will only strengthen their stranglehold. :) )

6. No ideas.

Serena said...

Geez, just off the top of your head!

I'm with Gary on #1.

#2 I've been convinced for a long time that all prescription drugs are overused and abused.

#3 "Pray for your enemies"

#4 As long as those who sell are able to get the price they ask, this trend will continue. Maybe living on our income not using credit, and better discernment of living with what we need, giving up the unnecessary "wants" would tip the scales?

#5 Walk and ride bikes ... keep cars tuned to use minimum fuel when we must drive ... write lots of letters to elected officials, etc.

#6 Speak up, speak out ... at home, at church, at work and at play ... help those with eyes to see and ears to hear be part of an intentional effort to take charge of our own lives and how we use them.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*grins! Rachel has always had a problem with bicycle helmets.

Diane said...

well, it's too much thinking re: your very thought-provoking post as I am on vacation, but I will say that I totally agree with hot cup re: number 2.