Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Here is Callie the Main Cat sniffing her "Stuffie" doppleganger as created by St. Casserole. Thank you St. Cassie!!!

Even though Katrina happened a while ago, the folks and the critters still need our help. I've already donated to Habitat for Humanity in Mississippi for the folks. But I want to remind everyone that the animals still need help too. St. Casserole is a pastor in Gulfport who endorses the South Mississippi Humane Society. You can read about it in her blog.

Hurricanes are events with long, long lasting aftermaths. I was in Hurricane Iniki on Kauai and two years after that hurricane, the island was still hurting from loss of tourist trade which is their mainstay. Katrina was far worse and if you can't imagine the still lingering hurt from loss, go check it out.

Every bit helps.

Thanks. This has been a shameless plug for the Humane Society and St. Cassie's blog.

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St. Casserole said...

Oh thank you! The SMHS needs help and this "stuffie" is my thank you for donating there!

What a BEAUTIFUL cat! Woo Woo Callie!