Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Have any of you seen this show yet? What do you think?


BookGal said...

Good cast ... I've read some good reviews. Otherwise I don't know a thing. Is it like Joan of Arcadia ... where God directs her actions, kind of?

Presbyterian Gal said...

Not even close. It's about a woman (a police officer or sheriff) who lost her sister in the Oklahoma City bombing. Her post traumatic stress has led her to indulge in an extremely self destructive lifestyle. When she finally asks God for help (though it's in a dream I guess that still counts), she is sent "Earl". A crusty old angel whose thankless job it is to help her repent and set her life back on the right path. And it's her very last chance to do this. Well written, well acted (hey, Holly Hunter after all), well produced. Very adult for cable.

Just wonder what folks who have seen it think of the content. I shall withhold my own opining till later.

Red_Cleric said...

I watch it and would say it's like Joan of Arcadia if Joan were dysfunctional, victimized and on meth. LOL.

She is reluctant in her following Earl's suggestions. He's a "last chance" angel because of the destructive nature of her life. So far in the few weeks it's been on you find out that:
1 Her brother is a priest (Roman or Episcopal not sure but I think Catholic)
2. She was molested by a priest growing up.
3 Her sister died in the bombing but was there because Grace wasn't feeling good the day before when she was suppose to be watching her nephew.

With her alcohol and other consumption one might infer a hangover was the reason she didn't want her nephew around. That hasn't been said yet.

Personally I like the show and find it challenging to think through.


Presbyterian Gal said...

I missed the show that talked about her being molested by a priest.

Yeah I like the show too. Last night's episode was interesting to me because she was judging her aunt for behavior that she still pursues. I expected Earl to point that out. Maybe next week. I am really enjoying the character study and interaction between Grace and Earl.

My only criticism is conflicting to me. As much as I admire Holly Hunter's remarkable talent, I would really like to finally, finally see a middle aged woman character who drinks as much as this one does, actually look like someone who follows that lifestyle: more wrinkled and with an alcohol gut.

Linda McMillan said...

She was molested by a priest?

Maybe the show could do an episode about what she does with her million dollar settlement.

I haven't seen the show but it has my curiosity up. Holly Hunter...big plus!


Red_Cleric said...

Yeah there's a throw away discussion in the first episode between her and, I believe, it's the forensic lab person. At one point the "white coat" says something about if I'd have known Father ___ was doing that I'd have done something... or some such statement.

You might be able to see if it's still on the network web site or if YouTube has posted a copy of the premier

Red_Cleric said...

Yep the pilot is still on tbs.com.
Here's the link http://www.tnt.tv/series/savinggrace/episodeguide/

Peace Alan

Red_Cleric said...

It's in section 3 of the episode about 2 minutes into it.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Thanks. A lot more makes sense now.

If Earl doesn't call her on judging her aunt, I'm gonna have to write the writers.

Diane said...

I haven't seen this AT ALL. It sounds very intriguing. It must be on a cable station we don't get. Holly Hunter -- big plus.

Jan said...

I watched part of the first show, but didn't give it much of a chance. After all this discussion, I'll try it again.