Friday, September 14, 2007


Abbey of the Arts has had a poetry week going on. So I wrote this.

I lay beneath golden mountains of dreams
divided by chasms of snores.
Morning’s light creeps across the peaks
to kiss my face gently awake.

No, no, not yet, I’ve not finished, no please.
I’ve just another story to dream.
It’s warm and it’s safe and it’s sweet in this place
and I am not ready to wake.

But the bright light demands that I GET UP RIGHT NOW
Start the day, do the chores, meet the needs
of the family who hangs on my every strength, every breath
and my night time renewal is gone.

……still….through the day I carry about a sweet smile
my secret safe carried within
of my nightly climbs through the golden dream mountains
where I know I will travel tonight.


MayB MayB Not said...

NICE, PG. Serena

Diane said...

nice, indeed. sighs. makes me want to try poetry writing poetry again.