Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Here in Southern California we have finished with our week of winter, are into our half week of spring and will jump into summer with dispatch, I am sure. The weather is just gorgeous. 

It is a week to take the sweet with the bitter. And if you can, put them together in chocolate. That's what I say. So without further ado, and in no particular order

My computer is home!!! Healthy and clean. Just needed some reg'lar maintenance.  And now I have Google Earth!! Plus some other spiffy gizmos that make the doodads run faster.

Wonderboy is sick. He spent most of the night chasing his runny nose around. I've dosed him with Benadryl and he sleeps now. There will be no school for him today. But I will have to go in at some point with a 5 piece set of luggage to pick up his work so he doesn't fall behind.

My friend Mark still lies in the coroner's morgue. Even though a judge approved an order to release him. It should happen by the end of this week. Pat is hanging in there. What an amazing and wonderful woman she is. 

Planning Easter for Wonderboy. I think I'll combine quarters in the plastic eggs, with scrips of Bible verse. He knows it's coming and he'll have the basket o' chocolate and marshmallow caramel goo. But those plastic eggs. He loves to find them and last year I put change in 'em. This year we'll go with the more grown up version. I'm sure I'll here the eight syllable "Moooom". But there you go.

And that is all. No new stories. I have a Lenten piece I am going to put up. It was written as a performance piece, a monologue. It's Mary at the foot of the cross, watching her son and savior die.  

As hard as all the weekly kerfoofle ickness is, I still marvel thankfully at what a blessed and priveleged and comfortable life I have. Even without enough sleep. And how thankful I am that such a fine fellow as Wyld looks after things so that I can raise my son safely and enjoy what I have. 
Although some of the weekly kerfoofle ickness does make for some fine jokes. It just does. 


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I hope wonderboy is feeling better!!

ppsstt...tell him to check the mail starting tomorrow.

It was 75 here yesterday and I wore my sandals.

We are expecting snow and the high is 40 this coming Friday.

And yes we are all sick...how did you know that????

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

warm weather? what the heck is that?!

on illness... doc hotcup says "slather the bottom of your feet with Vicks Vapo Rub (no substitutes) and then put on socks and go to bed." can't explain it but it does wonders.

now back to your regulary sheduled programming...

Presbyterian Gal said...

Verrrrry interesting Mindy. I'll tell him. (and he is better this afternoon. Though I am extremely cold and ucky feeling)

You can blame the extreme weather change on me this week. Per Sunday's post, I'm takin' on all blame until Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate in any form is good!

Diane said...

spring somewhere! yay! not here though, for a long time.