Friday, February 29, 2008


Here is a picture of our church.  The new plants and trees make the copper roof look less like a sombrero. I think it's pretty now. Though the architectural styles are rather mixed. 

Nice as it is, I wish it had been done a lot more simply, for less money so that more money could have gone to more needed places. Could have been done and been just as elegant. Don't know why we had to have a copper roof. 

Anyway, it's still our church home. Haven't been called elsewhere yet. Though I've felt rather unwelcome on several occasions. But we're not there for us, after all. 


Barbara B. said...

"I've felt rather unwelcome on several occasions."
Hmmm.... you don't suppose it's the flatulence mentioned in your earlier post?

ok, just kidding! (Couldn't resist -- it was too easy.) :)

Yeah, not sure about the copper roof... guess it will last a verrrry long time though.

Songbird said...

Are copper roofs better in the event of a fire? In other words, is it in any way a practical choice?

Presbyterian Gal said...

Hey! Barbara! Watch it now. I know where you blog. ha ha

Songbird: There's nothing practical at all about it. It is purely decorational. These last rains we had? The roof leaked.

Rev Kim said...

I know what you mean about spending too much money on stuff like that. Some people at my church are complaining because we're spending too much mission $ on, you know, mission! - instead of using the mission $ to fix-up our church. How are we going to attract new people, they say, if the church doesn't look nice on the outside? It looks fine on the outside - just needs some basic maintenance done, which we're doing, but nothing major. The irony wasn't lost on me that they think that the outside appearance is more important than what's on the inside.

Sorry for the long comment - you struck a nerve.

zorra said...

It looks different. Don't know that I like it better, though. It needed work 20 years ago, so I guess it's good that this got done.

Anonymous said...

A lot of churches sink money into buildings...I'm with you on the "simpler is better" idea. One of the fastest growing churches around here meets at a school--they don't have their own building, and don't plan on one.