Thursday, March 27, 2008


I've tried to post this You Tube several times, but it has not worked.

After you watch it, perhaps you will understand why.

Watch it now before it's yanked off You Tube and post what you think about it.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this a few other places...although has debunked it, you never know how much informtion is being hidden.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Sometimes I think Snopes would debunk its own existence. The reason I post it is because I saw the Dobbs newscast when it happened and I saw the Amero guy on a financial show when he first talked about it. And I also saw the RFID chip report by Diane Sawyer, after I read about the testing of the chip in a couple Florida towns, which by the way was before 9/11. I looked for more reports after, but there was only a couple mentions from Dobbs and absolutely nothing further on the Amero.

Regarding the money: looking at the current economy and how the trends are not following historical patterns (eg: gas prices shooting up when we have a surplus. And the cost of food shooting up BEFORE the gas prices started to hike again). Plus the resistance to calling our current state the recession that it is. It seems almost like it's choreographed, and the different factions are missing their cues.

And why oh why is there no effective support on either side of the aisle for securing our borders? It's become a swept under the carpet joke.

It all bears watching. And that's really about all any of us can do. Today.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

hmmm... reminds me of another time in history when i believe there were red flags flying, that had a white circle in the middle, and a rather ugly black emblem within the circle...

heaven help us.

Diane said...

well, the only part I'm skeptical about is the May 2008 date because it seems like it's close to that and I don't have the bar code ID yet.

Where did you find this? it's scary! and parts, at least, do seem plausible. I think people are preying on our fear.

Presbyterian Gal said...

And a P.S. on media manipulation, from my experience working in the media on the entertainment end:

Two things come to mind I was in the midst of:

First, in the seventies, a major, extremely wealthy exercise maven was secretly severely bulimic. Had a heart attack at the height of said maven's major money making video selling success. One report on the six o'clock news and then nothing. And the debunking followed. And the people who talked were not only fired, but their careers were ruined.I know it happened because I attended the gym where the heart attack occurred.

Second: a married with children, studio honcho with a penchant for trolling Sunset Blvd. gay bars for very young men was served divorce papers. With huge monetary demands. It hit the news and the internet one day and was then hushed up. The filed divorce paper was published and then disappeared. Upshot: the wife stayed and there was no more talk about that.

Don't ever think for one second that events like this cannot be covered up. It's done all the time. And then debunked by folks like who probably honestly believe they provide a public service.

Forgive the blathering. The fiction of most of the media royally pisses me off.

Presbyterian Gal said...

That's a good point. I don't have my ID card either. But you will notice that we ALL must have passports now to travel to Canada and Mexico, for "security" reasons. And yet, there's that open border business.