Friday, March 28, 2008


Just announcing a new sidebar feature here at PG. It's called "WHAT THE BONK IS REALLY GOIN' ON OUT THERE?"

There are some You Tube links to news reports and a parody (hat tip to Toby at Classical Presbyterian) that point to the path our society may or may not be on now. I'll add or subtract to it at will. Because it's my blog. You might find it interesting. Or not.

It's to ask questions. That's all. Ask questions. I, of course, have my opinions on these things. And these opinions do change based on what I read and watch. But it seems to me, lately, that whatever is really going on may be hidden one way or another. It seems to be getting harder to parse the truth out of the media. 'Nigh impossible sometimes. So I'm including older bits as well. Like the old debate between Buckley and Chomsky.

If you come across anything interesting, please pass it on to me.


I do feel sure of one thing: The organized societies that we live in now are fundamentally changing. And not necessarily for the benefit of the masses. And the iceberg tips of evidence to this appear, in my opinion, choreographed. As in: Artificial price hikes of gas. Which cause price hikes in everything else for one. And the cost out of our individual pockets for this is not at all artificial.

Then there is the religious view on all this. The modern day churches seem quiet to me on these issues, while vociferously piping in on the mid-east situation.

Curious world these days. Though we're likely well advised to study up on some more distant and recent history.


mompriest said...

I think there is a lot of hidden stuff going on, leave me feeling suspicious (geeze is that the right spelling)? of almost everything I read and watch in the media...

Barbara B. said...

I agree -- it is DEFINITELY getting harder to parse the truth out of the media!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Very interesting. I like the fact that you have it all listed so it is easy to get to.