Thursday, March 06, 2008

Signs of Hope, Signs of Spring: FRIDAY FIVE

Sally writes:
"It has been a difficult week here in Dowham Market, and yet in the sadness there have been signs of real hope, young people, often criticised have shown us how caring and amazing they are. It has also been a strange week; it snowed for almost the first time this winter, and yet many of the spring bulbs are blooming, and the trees are blossoming! I believe that if we look carefully we can see signs of hope all around us.... as for signs of spring... well you tell me.... Bluebells in my garden, before the snow!"

What have you seen/ heard this week that was a :

1. Sign of hope?


2. An unexpected word of light in a dark place?

"Have you lost weight?"

3. A sign of spring?

The sky stays light longer.

4. Challenging/ surprising?

If I could only tell you. Perhaps some day Diane Sawyer and I will chat on T.V.

5. Share a hope for the coming week/month/year....

Just keep swimming

Bonus play... a piece of music/ poem guaranteed to cheer you?

Here's a song
This one gives me hope
Because I had to repeat third grade this year


Barbara B. said...

dig the rascal flatts song

Counselor in Process said...

You HAVE lost weight! I can tell.

Diane said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE number 2 :)

dust bunny said...

Little Blue Fish Dorry and I agree....swimmin', swimmin', swimmin' just keep swimmin'.

RevHRod said...

Svelte, dahling! Absolutely svelte!

And swimming, while exhausting at times, does keep you in shape. But every so often, I hope you get a chance to just float.

The Swandive said...

Truly a day brightening post. Inspiring all around.

Jan said...

SO glad you're being asked that question! Yay. Unfortunately, no one asks me that these days. . . . that's why I'm choosing HEALTH for my hope in the future.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

golly i think i need my calculator... and oh rascal flatts ya just can't help but sing along ya know?