Sunday, April 06, 2008


This afternoon Wonderboy and I had the pleasure of making Amy Clifford of Soul and Culture's acquaintance, who flew all the way from Denver just to have lunch with us!!! OK, OK, she was here in town for work and we got to meet her!

Were all your ears just a burnin'? We talked about you and blogging and enjoyed fellowship over some good Red Robin food for two and a half hours.

Here we are smiling for Branden, our waiter, who cleverly knew how to take a digital photograph. Notice how I dip my head coyly to hide my jowls and wrinkly neck! I always knew that those four years of modeling school would pay off someday.

Anyway, you should go visit Amy's blog. She has a cool picture of herself by the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. And she belongs to an exciting community called Urban Skye. They are a community of faith and artists that I wish we had here. She was also a wonderful listener as Wonderboy regaled her with all his knowledge of Legos. His prodigious knowledge of Legos. For that she earns a medal in my book.

Nice to meet you Amy!


Sue said...

Oh how wonderful!!! You all look so great - wish I could have been there.

dust bunny said...

Great lunch...great picture...and LEGOS...the ultimate brain toy. no wonder w.b. is so smart!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh what fun! lunch, legos... *sigh* this is much better than the litterbox my dear!

Barbara B. said...

Well how darn cool was that?!

And I do indeed like the coy head dip. That pose is just waiting to be photo-shopped somewhere else! :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Thanks Sue, wish you all could have been there.

DB: So that's why he's so smart? And I thought it was maternal heredity....;)

HCL: Yes, definitely better than the litterbox. Though I still had to clean it out this morning.

Barbara B: Now I cannot imagine who on earth would photo-shop my picture!

Mac said...

Is Wonderboy a LEGO generalist or is he a specialist. My resident 9 year old expert, Bionicle Boy, approached me at 8:30 last night with a hand-written, four page multiple choice test on the Bionicles. He offered me the use of his Bionicle Encyclopedia (now dog-eared and read daily, it was a Christmas present from his big brother).

Anyone who can stand a couple of hours of LEGO exposition is a candidate for sainthood.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Hi Mac,
He's a specialist, no doubt. The specialty being Lego Star Wars.

That Bionicle test is most impressive.

Diane said...

wow, that looks so fun! I will definitely visit Amy's blog, too! love the picture. You all look cute, handsome and beautiful. (how's that?)

Cathy said...

I'm jealous of a meetup! So cool and you all look like you all had a great time.

Can I play with the legos?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

All you had to do was say weinermobile and I knew she was good folk.