Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The truth seems to be that you never actually get rid of termites. You just have to learn how to manage them. Because living with them means your house will fall down. Perhaps this is an allegorical lesson for life. And they are God's creatures too, after all, although they strike me as terribly immature. Much like us with this planet.

We have these on the lower floor. They are the ones that left the new foraging holes. Seen 'em before. Three months after we'd first moved into the house, seven months pregnant, I walked into our kitchen where a sea of these critters were swarming on the floor. These do not live in your house. They live outside, in the ground, and just visit your walls like we visit restaurants.

We have these guys poaching space in our upper floor, which was an add on before we bought the house. Seems they hitched a ride in the wood when they were teeny little unborn eggs. I guess that makes me a surrogate mom to thousands. And now it's time for all but ONE of my kids to LEAVE HOME.

I have arranged their transport to Eternal Termite U next week.

That sound?

That is the *KA-CHING* *KA-CHING* of a hefty chunk of change leaving with the termites.

We have hired this company to do the job. It's more expensive, but the results last a lot longer. So I've heard. At any rate, the fellow who did our inspection was the most knowledgeable, personable and trust inspiring get rid of termite guy we've hired to date. And we don't have to tent or leave the house or move us and the cats out.

*waves hanky*

Buh bye now. Buh bye Freds 1 through 200; Matildas 1 through 360; Jeffreys 1 through 957 and good night Irenes all 1,259 of you!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*gags* oh the pics...~turns a little green~

dust bunny said...


zorra said...

Eww! Eww!
Been there! Never again (please, God).
I hope you get 'em all out before the only thing holding the house together is the termites holding hands....

Presbyterian Gal said...

There's an image! Holding hands and singing termite folk songs:

"If I Had a Buzz Saw"
"Subby Pass the Piece of Stud"
"Drip the Magic Leaky Pipe"

Janie said...

Crapola. Termites.

They suck.

sorry you're having to deal with that.

But I love the hanky waving goodbye thing!

Go ck out my latest experience...

Sue said...


Ick. I can't say as I've ever experienced termites. It may be too cold for them up here. From the pics, I would pay any amount of money to be rid of them. Really. Eeeewwww...

Diane said...

never knew that about termites. Yikes!