Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Because I've been feeling so cheerful and brave this week, I went You Tubing again. Here is more on why we need to STOP USING PLASTIC!! I don't have an alternative for us today, but I'm thinkin' on it. Do you have any ideas? But watch this first. After you've had dinner.


David G. said...

It's disgusting what WE do to our own planet.

Can God forgive us for our incompetence?!?

We know what we do, why continue?!?

That, PG is the major question????

Presbyterian Gal said...

Hi David G!
Bless you for your passion about this. That's what's going to help us move to fix it.

I offer this analogy, though maybe not the best: While standing, shivering and soaking wet, I finally look up and realize that I am wet because it is raining. Now I have choices. One choice is to rail against myself for being so stupid I did not notice the rain beforehand. Another choice is to put up an umbrella and move to a dryer place till the rain abates, since it is nowhere in my power to stop the rain.

In this case I do not know where to find an umbrella, much less what it is.

Barbara B. said...


Singing Owl said...

:( :( :(

What B.B. said. That was horrible. I am getting more and more disgusted with everyone's little plastic bottles of water--oh, so health conscious or something? Use the tap! Or a drinking fountain, like in the olden days. Those plastic bottles don't evaporate.

I know, just a tiny part of the problem...