Friday, May 02, 2008


And now for a cultural moment on a genteel and civilized Friday, I give you:

Les Ballets du Trocadero 
performing from Swan Lake


Barbara B. said...

Oh how I would love to photoshop your head onto that clip. (The dancer on the far right would be you of course.)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

ok so my screen is so dark... they were either men or ballet dancers have no boobs. which i mean if you live off of nothing but celery... well then that's the way these things go. either way... this was much more fun to view than miley's 15 trying to be 35 photoshoot eh?

Presbyterian Gal said...

Barb - that would be very funny!

HCL - they are totally DUDES! They are a famous male ballet company that tour Europe and the US. And they are actually quite amazingly good dancers.

dust bunny said...

This was sooooo funny! Hard to believe men can be so freakin' graceful.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh geez PG - thank god. otherwise i was thinking those "girls" needed some serious help. we don't get much ballet in boonieville... heh heh