Thursday, July 24, 2008


Singing Owl says ~

"We will be at a chaplain's convention when you all are answering the Friday Five Questions. I'll look forward to reading your answers next week when I get home. At the moment we are trying to get the car loaded so we can hit the road, so this will be a simple F.F. This running around madly in order to leave has me wondering: what are the five things you simply must have when you are away from home? And why? Any history or goofy things, or stories?"

Oh goodness me, you can't just leave it at five. I am a notorious over-packer. Truly. When I toured with Covenant Players my suitcase was much like the ones you see at the circus. Where the clown just keeps pulling impossible things out of a suitcase, like a bicycle and a ladder and a line of chorus girls. That is me. Even for just a weekend.

1. The toiletries bag - includes evening face scrub, morning soapless face wash, sunscreen, ointments in case Wonderboy's eczema pops up, implements of tweezing, clippers, bandaids, St. Bernard with cask of brandy. (OK not really the St. Bernard)

2. The suitcase - includes the necessaries, plus an extra set for "just in case", clothes for each day, with some extra pieces in case of weather changes. I have cut myself down to just three pairs of shoes. Sweatshirt. Something nice in case we go out to dinner. The shoulder strap purse. G-string and tassles in case I run out of cash. (Naw, that'd never happen. I always have enough cash)

3. The car purse - this is usually a fanny pack with a smaller wallet, aspirin, another pair of clippers for that pesky hangnail that always pops out 30 minutes into a drive, cell phone, bluetooth in case I drive, pencil for car necessaries as below, lipstick, zit cover up, George Clooney's telephone number. (Fine, that last one's made up too. *sigh*)

4. Inside the car - A book. Two if the one I'm reading is almost finished. Magazines not yet read for when I am bored with the book. The latest puzzle page with the Sudoku and the crossword. Drinking water in my Kleen Kanteen, snacks if it's a long road trip, towel to cover the plastic seat if it's a hot day and binoculars so I can look into other people's cars. (hee hee. Just kidding. I don't need binoculars to do that!)

5. Inside the trunk, with the suitcase, the shoe bag, the toiletries bag, the toys suitcase, the beach bag, and the scooter would be a first aid kit, emergency water supply and bag full of unmarked bills in case we have to bribe our way out of a local jail. (Kidding again! I have my G-string and tassles, remember? No jail time for us)

And that should do it. Though we do have to book an extra day at any hotels because of the time it takes to unload the car, unpack and then at the end, repack and reload. But Wonderboy doesn't mind. I only make him carry one suitcase at a time. ;)


Barbara B. said...

Well, if you don't have the St. Bernard I hope you at least have the cask of brandy.

Cathy said...

MERCY PG - how in the world do you ever get ready to go - that would take me HOURS. I bet you already prepack don't you.

Compared to you, I am such a minimalist! However, I know who to borrow from if I need something if we ever travel together!

Mrs. M said...

This is such a funny list!!! I'm so glad you played. And now I'm picturing you with Mary Poppin's carpet bag.

Diane said...

best friday five I've read! great! wish mine was so interesting.

We bring a puzzle book, too. came in handy on the plane.

RevDrKate said...

Great list, I'd love to vacation with you, well-prepared for ANY event!

Lady Midnight said...

Well, I should certainly HOPE that you would leave the St. Bernard at home! I mean, who would want a big, drooly, smelly DOG on a trip, when you could have an elegant beautiful cat like me?

Happy road-tripping,
The Lady Midnight, Empress of Everything
(writing while my mama, warriormare settles down from laughing so hard)

Jan said...

PG, you're a woman after my own heart. Though I have to admit what I pack now is much different since children are not traveling with us!

Mary Beth said...

Right, I totally know who to room with now!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

How sweet. Happy trip!

Singing Owl said...

What Cathy said! WOWZA!

ann said...

Do you not take a big first aid kit? That's my downfall - all of what you take, plus the huge first aid/what if someone's sick bag.

EmJayDee said...

Great play thanks