Friday, August 01, 2008


Modeled by the ever helpful Wonderboy, here's the front

and Here's the back

Every quilt has a story to tell. Though small, this one still has a story. There are squares contributed by blog friends. There were fabric and photos contributed, out of which I made squares. And I found Pantypalooza! Wouldn't be right without that.

I purchased far too much fabric, of course. But it was so pretty. So I sent the leftover to Princess Mindy so that she could make coordinating accessories like pillows or a covered bulletin board, or an apron, or some cotton g-string panties, if she wishes.

I made the "Princess Mindy's Home Sweet Home" square before she posted about finding Albert on the porch. Well, of course, this then meant that a change in backing fabric was in order.

This was one of those projects that was so much fun, I did not want to finish it. It looked too bare when it was all sewn together. Wonderboy and I made several trips to JoAnn's fabrics and Michaels Crafts. We found the buttons and charms. Wonderboy picked out the silver wrapped pink beads and helped to place them at the bottom. The two charms on the bottom right and left are hearts with rhinestone crowns in the middle. They and the top fleur-dis-lis are tied on with silk ribbon. I chose a golden edging because, it's for Princess Mindy and requires a posh finish.

Mindy tells me this will go up in her new craft room. The perfect place!

Many thanks to all who contributed a square(s)/photos/fabric. You can see who you are, right there!

And to Mindy, this is a gift to help fill your new house with light and love and all good wishes.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a loving thing for all of you to do.

soul and culture said...

This is great! Thanks so much for putting it all together.

Barbara B. said...

very nice!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

thank you PG and Wonderboy for all you're hard work and creativity in pulling together a masterpiece! kudos to you!!!

DogBlogger said...

Oh, it looks so neat! Thanks, PG, for being the one who rallied us all to participate!

dust bunny said...

Definitely a treasure.

Bad Alice said...

That's adorbable--what a great keepsake.

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

love it - love you

and I stopped here because over at another blog you wrote "Now I blog and write stories and am trying to get them in book form. Just to put out there. I've no illusions that it will make a living for me. But I'm called to do it."

and I want to encourage you - cos you are one heck of a writer, with incredible talent and I am waiting for that book to come out. Don't listen to that prince of lies -you can write - and your writing will bless many many people

hugs xx

aka The Swandive said...

This is beautiful and wonderful, and I can't believe I missed it. Bless you for being so awesome.