Saturday, September 27, 2008


I got this today from 
Ruth, whose blog I enjoy and admire in reciprocation.

Thank you very much. I get to give this to five of my favorites which include, but are not all:

1. Jan Edmiston at
A Church for Starving Artists
For working so hard to move a real church in a real time.

2. Gannet Girl at
Search the Sea
For brilliance and openness with such bravery under fire.

3. Kievas at
Sharing a Journey
For pureness of heart and a fascinating point of view.

4. PureChristianIThink at Rebel Without a Pew

For humor in trying circumstances and courage in keepin' on.

and a new one:

5. A.K. Muckracker at
The Mudflats
For bravery and diligence in bringing the whole story in profoundly dishonest times.


Anonymous said...

Wow - thanks PG.
Hope it's a great weekend your way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award...finally, fame and fortune!

Well, fame anyway.


It's nice to be appreciated :)

Gannet Girl said...

Thank you, PG.