Saturday, September 06, 2008


Now for a break from the US political circus, I will shift to a Presbyterian political plug.

Blog Pal Robert Austell was at the PCUSA General Assembly this past June where he wrote a resolution that was passed overwhelmingly. This resolution calls for presbyteries to create a gracious process when a church seeks to break  away. His points for this are outlined in his post. I urge my fellow Presbyterians who read my blog to read it here because it is really good, IMO. Especially the part about the impact on public witness.

It is a good and positive thing Rev. Austell has accomplished and I wanted to share it today in the midst of so much national political tsuris

I return you now to our regularly scheduled program.


robert austell said...

Thank you, PG!

Barbara B. said...

and I love the word "tsuris" :)