Sunday, September 07, 2008

That'll Teach Me to Look Stuff Up......

I had such a good idea for a post, courtesy of Wonderboy's dad. I was going to write about the political button of "oil", offshore drilling and ANWR. This was going to be based on the question: Would America actually get that oil, if the offshore and ANWR drilling happens? Or would it be put up for sale to the highest bidder? I have not been able to find any evidence that America owns anything but a small portion of the oil rights in ANWR. Even then,  there's no guarantee the government wouldn't sell it elsewhere. 

I am not an expert in any of this. Here are two of the more reasonable sites I found that distracted me from the above.

According to the projections on Peak Oil and the projections on demand far outstripping the rapidly dwindling supply, we just do not have time to implement sustainable alternatives. Apparently it just isn't gonna happen. 

Our food supply is dependent on petrochemicals and petroleum based fertilizer. Organic farming requires a much larger amount of arable land than would be able to supply the exponentially growing population. No petroleum, no dinner. 

The materials required to create the alternatives of solar panels, windmills and such require machinery that runs on *petroleum*; and is made of  precious metals, the supply of which is also dwindling rapidly. Metals that are mined with equipment that is manufactured with and run on *petroleum*. 

Ethanol based products would not even make a dent in the problem and the creation of the ethanols is now part of what is destroying the rain forest. I read other articles that said the amount of grain it takes for one fill-up of an SUV would feed a family of five for more than a month. 

While scaring the bejabbers outta me, these things also help distract me from worrying about the election so much. You can read yourself where it gets into the likely wars and famine and police states and end of general fun everywhere. That was more than I could take tonight.

It was profoundly naive of me to think that all we need is a do-over and change from petroleum to alternatives. But our products, medicines, economy and jobs are dependent on the black goo. We eat it, drink it, work for it, turn on lights because of it, wear it, go places on it, and a lot of it we use once and throw away. It's like we're all covered in a global oil slick. 

I have to think that there is a way to change this. But we have to start now. We have to organize. We have to pull together. Maybe create some kind of life manual that will start to turn this around as the fecal material hits the oscillating rotor. I will look around for organizations already set up. The ones I found tonight just wanted signatures on petitions. And money. I'm talking about organizations that give ideas and procedures and new ways to do things we do every day that will move us in the right direction. If you know any, please leave them in the comments.

Things like growing our own vegetables in our yards. Wearing clothes until they are actually dirty, instead of just once. Going back to candle light when bright light is not needed. Get medieval with ourselves on our consumption of everything. Starting now. 

Wonderboy and I watch Project Earth on Discovery. There are some very bright people out there working on a lot of things to help. It's you and I who have to start doing something right now. This second. Every choice we make from here out apparently has far wider consequences than we can imagine. 

Including who we elect this November. IMO, more of the same is just gonna dig us deeper the wrong way. (not-so-subtle political plug)

Meanwhile we need a catchy slogan. Anybody got any ideas?


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This is so depressing that it makes me want to just shut down. I keep trying to make better choices a little at a time but it feels insurmountable.

Diane said...

you really found out some things, includling some that are -uh- uncomfortable. And I just read that you know who is ahead in the polls now.

FranIAm said...

I don't feel so good...

Oh my - what Ruth said.

I just read a line in a blog that said yelling "drill baby drill " during the convention could be compared to yelling "IBM Selectric Typewriter" over and over during the IT revolution.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Rev SS said...

very scary, very mind boggling ... hopefully very motivating .. you are so right: "It's you and I who have to start doing something right now. This second. Every choice we make from here out apparently has far wider consequences than we can imagine."