Saturday, September 20, 2008



This little fellow was prepared for the economic roller-coaster this week.

Fortunately we were too. But only because a friend's colleague (economics professor) predicted the very events of last week about 4 or 5 months ago. And we heeded.

But most people haven't.

I find the timing of all these financial disasters (mortgage industry, banks and investment house failures, job loss due to overseas relocations, etc) to be curiously coincidental with the decade where baby boomers will be inheriting a good bit of wealth. Well, NOW: or not.

Juxtaposed with the recent spate of natural calamity, I don't believe it's going to get better soon. In fact it looks like we're probably headed for a long time of this:

(thank you Google Images)

Unless.......unless, and I'd say it looks doubtful, unless we, the peeps, start putting our grass roots heads together and taking back our lives. It can be done. Mustard seeds and mountains and all that.

Just sayin'.


FranIAm said...

My head hurts.

Sometimes I feel like I can't pay my bills either, but no one is coming to bail me out.

Not that I am asking for that but it is ironic that the credit card companies that harass for a payment will be set free at the rate we are going.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Apropos of nothing, I want a hedge hog. They're so cute.

I have absolutely no wisdom about the economy.

Rev SS said...

Yes! Mustard Seeds & Mountains (and perhaps getting "mad as h _ _ _ and not [taking] it any more" ?)

Anonymous said...

And the latest bailout plan will push the national debt over 11 trillion...