Thursday, December 11, 2008


(copyright Zina Saunders 2008)

You all know who this guy is and the naughty naughty things he "allegedly" did that have him now cooling his heels in the pokey. I sure hope he looks good in stripes. As I hear it, Santa is "allegedly" leaving him coal in his subpoenas and skipping his Christmas stocking altogether!!

This wonderful illustration was created by the artist, Zina Saunders. For a very funny review of the election and other great illustrations and paintings, visit her website. I have been enjoying her art work for a while now since.....once again.....hold your applause....Dave P. introduced her. That man should have a blog in addition to his website!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

He should be in sequined white spandex. He fancies himself an Elvis fan.

Jan said...


Barbara B. said...

Great illustration!
Yep, hope he looks good in stripes.