Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have no thoughts on Father's Day. My own passed in '06. Both my parents eschewed the parent days as phony commercial enterprises created by card companies.

Today I am thoughtful about relativism. From a post by Songbird and Gannet Girl. Songbird's son had a very close call in an auto accident which transported her dislike of her haircut to a greater depth of angst. Gannet Girl poses the question "Does God Suffer".

Both these posts make me reflect on how relative our human emotions and experiences are. If we have nothing to compare, then would we have any feelings about things? And is everything we experience simply a matter of degree? 

The Zen practice of meditation is a discipline to remove ourselves from the whirling vortex of relative and comparative emotion. The goal being to transcend into a place of peace and detachment from such things. I used to think this was a cold and heartless practice. That it is our emotional responses that validate these experiences; and further that it is these experiences that validate our very existence. But now, not so much. Now I ask, what is the point and what good does it do? 

I have spent the better part of the last decade in a black hole vortex of impending doom. Looking back I can see how it is my own submission to the vagaries of my emotions that caused me the most grief. The events were what they were and are what they are. It's only how much I allow myself to feel the dark side of them that hurts so badly. That and being such a sucker sometimes.

These things always bring me back to what Jesus said, "Consider the lilies". Consider them. I am a lily. Probably a black lily, if there is such a thing. And I am worrying about having enough water and food for my roots. Silly me. 

Today, Jesus is my daddy. I'm not going to buy him a card. But I might buy him a lily. 


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

"It is my own submission to the vagaries of my emotions that caused me the most grief." This is so true. I've been learning this in a different way, coming from a different place, yet the truth is remarkably the same.

Glad to see you back.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...


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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

a black lily? not sure but there's a deep, dark purple one... very royal and dramatic... that would be a good one for you. i can see you wearing it in your hair now...

i did not go on the floor to catch the bouquet... i mean really, one can only humilate onself publicly so many times right?!