Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JUNE 30, 2010

That expression. "My cup is half full." "My cup is half empty." 

I had a cup. Once. Never was sure what was in it. Someone tried to put something that didn't belong into it once. Maybe a couple times. One time I switched the cup with the person who put stuff into mine. THAT was funny. Exactly like the movies. 

Never met the guy, but had a relative by marriage who plead no-contest to a rape charge at the age of 89.

Got picked to ride in the Ice Capades Christmas sleigh at age 6. Waved to the audience like I was the Queen of England. 

So, today is June 30, 2010. Do you ever feel like your life is a highway and you are stuck in traffic? That's where I'm at. My tires are not flat, but they are low and I'm overdue for an oil change. 

A couple years ago when I was a bit less stuck than now, I would go read the Psalms where David demands that God smite his enemies....and if only God would smite his enemies......and please oh please smite them....and what a great guy God is for smiting those enemies. All that just makes me tired now.

Sorry...had to investigate a noise. It was our long hair pony-tailed neighbor having a catch with his grown son. Really sweet picture. 

Where was I? Oh yeah. Stuck. And why does my left leg ache all the time? 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode "Please God smite all my newly cropped up, age-related infirmities." "And maybe some spiders too."


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am so ready for things to get better for you.

Mompriest said...

Totally right there with you! Never imagined my life like this. Hoping things really will turn around! Oh, and I find that cats are really good at controlling spiders...

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I with Princess of Everything. I really hope your traffic jam unsnarls soon.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

perhaps you've been standing on your left leg ala flamingo style while stuck in life's traffic...? mmmm... er something.

may the days get better, as the wheels of time go round and round.