Thursday, August 19, 2010


Shame on me. 
I say I'm coming back to my blog and almost a month has passed since my last entry. 

I do have reasons.
These involve selling the family home, escrow delays, flooding disasters at home and at the sold house, mom doctor appointments, trying to meet work deadlines, and unbloggable things. Fortunately donuts and pop-tarts are still affordable. Though a new wardrobe is not. I live in culinary dissonance. 

Still and all. 

The world is growing crazier I think. The populace feels like it's moving in a panicked mass from one side of the room to another. The mosque, the economy, the president. In a way it's bizarrely comforting. The world is finally reaching my level of disaster and starting to outpace it. It makes me feel oddly normal. 

Our church is having it's own slings and arrows. I am sitting back waiting for things I know will occur. And then, there is no church to turn to, because they all seem to have become cushy country clubs that have changed Jesus' message of loving one another, to accepting any kind of behavior from anyone anywhere because that keeps seats in the pews. 

There is a light today. I have a new project on Facebook. It's fun. If you know me on Facebook, you know what it is. 

Life's a roller coaster for sure, doncha know. 


Robin said...

Good to have you back! Again!

Mompriest said...

I must have some kind of a pressing question to'll know when I do...