Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Related information about my childhood that my mom apparently did not know.

One of the more minor samples: 
Mom: "You were always such a well behaved child"
Me: "Well, sure. I was afraid that Dad would beat me with a brush or until I peed my pants (like he had already done) or I would get my face slapped, if I did or said anything you thought was wrong."

Mom apologized and felt remorse.

I pointed out to her some important historical information:
~In those days most adults lived very superficial lives. (at least the ones in our neighborhood did). Go to work, come home, drink cocktails, eat dinner, go to bed. Children will be quiet the entire time or else.
~Therapy was not what it is today. 
~Her own mother did not have a mother and thus was herself a terrible mother. So how could she have learned how to mother? 

~Getting stuff off your chest is always a good thing
~My mom rises to the occasion. That takes a LOT at 84. And don't think I don't appreciate it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


School yard bullies
School yard teasing
School yard nasty politics

When you grow up and become a parent

Nothing changes

except the School Yard venue

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


There's an old joke. It's interactive. Ask someone "how do you spell......" and insert these words on each request: stop, top, hop, shop, prop, cop. Then ask "What do you do when you see a green light?" Most everybody answers "Go." It's a demonstration on how easy we are to fool.

I've been remiss on keeping in touch on the blog and even on Facebook recently. With a little extra time this morning I tried to catch up. I love all my blog friends. But so many of the posts were very long. I'm sure they're well written and lovely. But I just didn't have time. So, ashamed and abashed, I relinquished the laptop to "sleep" and went about chores....... 

.......Then remembered my verbose and overlong posts of past times and my self-pitying admonishments in various versions of "why do I bother?" when hundreds of supportive comments did not appear. 

Hereby resolved: To shorten posts to their pithiest points and insert as much humor as humanely possible. Yes. I said "humanely." Because I am quirky. I was called this on the radio recently.