Friday, February 18, 2011


Jan at Rev Gals is sharing her church's Sunday School curriculum on "Words", where each week someone shares a new word that expresses their passion or interest.  She says:

"For this Friday Five, please list five words that identify your passions, spirituality, and/or life. Describe as much or as little as you wish."

1. Sharing
Share what you have when you can.

2. Hope
Look on the bright side.  It will keep you from spiraling down.

3. Humor
It's never inappropriate.  (see number 2 above)

And for me.....

4. Endurance
Katherine Hepburn said "The secret of life is to endure." I believe she was correct.

5. Motherhood
It saves/d me from myself. Best gift EVER.


Sally said...

Just love it especially #3 & 5! Great pics too.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Absolutely beautiful, interesting and useful. by the way, you are a great artist and excellent speaker as far as I can judge from the gorgeous video! Thank you for sharing gorgeous woman!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Thanks Sally and Phivos!

You made my day.