Monday, March 07, 2011


Lately I feel as if I am climbing out of a hole with sheer vertical walls, greased with Crisco and without handholds.

Up at 5 and on my feet till about 10:00 with maybe an hour to sit and chill with Wonderboy. I still can't find enough time to get work to pay for things, so by the time Wonderboy is out of high school I will have burned through all my savings. Yes, I know I should be grateful to have savings when so many do not. And I am. Quite grateful in my quivering anticipation of being broke at a specified date. The good news is that when that happens I will likely have decades of living ahead of me! 

Then there's the "little things" of Chinese torture -
~Having an interesting conversation with a teacher at son's school, who happens to be male. Another mom comes up, interrupts with "So how's your WIFE who you've been married to for what now, 25 YEARS"...(meaningful look over my head). Golly, so that's what that big honking gold band on his left hand meant! I was just about to ask if he'd won that in a Cracker Jacks box right after we finished talking string theory. 
~Talking to another parent at school, who happened to be a man as well. His hair was growing out and I told him it suited him. Yes, those were the "hey sailor", come hither words I used. "It suits you." Then he tells me that his wife told him if he ever gets a girlfriend, he can bring her home to "share the dream." Which related to our conversation much the way pickles relate to toe jam. (well, unless you like that kind of sandwich). 

Apparently I am now the school "femme fatale". Which is hysterically funny. An overweight, nearly 60, down on her luck grey haired woman is a "femme fatale." I must sweat me out some killer pheromones. I must remember not to shower too very often before picking Wonderboy up to prowl the men, and smile threateningly at the womens. 

Between taking care of my son and my almost 85 year old mom, plus poor job prospects and now a Harper Valley PTA reputation, goodness, it's a miracle I get anything done at all, what with my prancing about flirtatiously talking science and haircuts with unsuspecting, vulnerable menfolk. 

There are other reasons. But I shall keep them to myself. I've whined enough. Besides, you might think I'm hitting on you. 

Oy. People can be such asshats. Lord forgive them. They know not what they eschew. 


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Harper Valley PTA reputation

That makes me laugh.

Come on girl...remember when it was bad...I mean so so bad...

BJ said...

I came across your blog by way of coming across another blog. It sounds like things have been rather...difficult, to put it lightly. You don't know me from Adam, but I said a little prayer for you. Sometimes life is just aggravating. That having been said, "asshats" just made my day!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear BJ,
Your kind words lifted my spirits! Thank you,