Sunday, October 02, 2011


1. I fear that if I tell you, a Google spider will carry the information to a room far away where a thick bespectacled computer nerd will interpret the information and either sell it to a company advertising wall insulation, or a government agency who will then mistake me for a Lithuanian spy.

2. Having to repeat middle school. Oh. Look. I am. Only there's waaaaaaay more homework.

3. I fear making homemade bread - that the yeast I have is expired and it won't rise, like the South again.

4. I fear the number two. I don't know why. I just always have. It's one or three for me. Never two.

5. I fear the always moving, always hiding mini black hole that hovers about me, constantly stealing my keys and then laughing ironically.

6. I fear waking up and having six toes on each foot. I would have to buy all new shoes then, as none of mine would fit.

7. I fear remarrying and being introduced to my new MIL, only to discover that she is my last MIL.

8. I fear finishing this. It's over far too soon.


Terri said...

I fear you will lose your sense of humor. I hope life is getting better!

Cyn Huddleston said...

I am not worried about you at all. And you don't have to be a Jungian analyst to get that fear of two.

I <3 reading your stuff.

spookyrach said...

I am trying really hard to be offended by number 3, but honestly, since my southern state has elected both G.W.B. and Perry many times over, we'd probably all be better off if'n we don't rise no more.

Middle school was the WORST for homework. High school has, basically, none. So far. Why is that?

I'm still laughing about #1 and wondering what, exactly, a Lithuanian spy would be interested in.

Beth said...

Ha. Through my stuffy nose and bleary eyes, this is good stuff.