Friday, January 17, 2014


This week our group is given "Things"
to write about and ponder
I have a list so very long
that it's certainly no wonder

There's a difficulty, a challenge, you know
to choose the very best
that would most exemplify a "thing"
and past the "thingness"test!

I cannot pick, there are too many,
so I will have to spew
a list of things now on my plate,
and leave the choice to you!!

~My phone today is sadly broken and out of battery, so I have to fix it RIGHT AWAY!!! and hope it's close to FREE!!

~My son today still has the flu, which is a viral "thing" - He's once again home from his school and his doctor I must ring!

~Our garage shelves are falling out-straight from the wall "OH PEW!" It's because the shoddy workers who built them used nails instead of screws.

~There are good things and I wait till last to list them here to see- because they overpower the ick and yuck and stuff and transform all things to WHEEEEE!

    *My sweetie rocks my world each day
    *My son's an awesome gift
    *I live in gorgeous California
    *and all my friends give me a lift!!
    *I'm old and have good health and such
        at which I do not sneeze
    *My place in the world is very blessed
        and taking care of things is a breeze
    *I have fine boots and stuff to wear
        to feel stylish and cool
    *And enough wits still hang about me
        to escape being called a "fool"
    *Then there's this fun computer
        upon which I type this post
     *And the internet! for publishing,
        thanks to our gracious host.
This thing has now come to an end,
I hope you have things too,
that bring you joy more than life crap
as well as attractive shoes.

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